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I have flown with a privately owned plane with Uber-like services provided by Winy. It is a shared aviation boarding solution that allows hobby flyers to split the costs of their air travel with their customers. From London to Le Touquet, France, we drove from Elstree Airport with a Piper Arrow II P28R-200. Departures should be £109 per passenger, which will include petrol, air fares and Wingly's maintenance charge.

Detractors say that the ministry is not secure enough and fear that it is using a hole that allows non licensed flyers to transport travellers because they do not pay the flyer for the trip from a technical point of view, they share the cost - like carpools. The company is legally registered and accredited by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the UK.

The company is active in Great Britain, France and Germany and is planning to extend into the remainder of Europe.

By 2020, Uber plans to introduce an aircraft taxiservice in Los Angeles.

Über has promised to introduce an air taxis by 2020 that will allow passengers to travel to their destination for the cost of a cab. "UberAIR is expected to operate ten thousand daily cross cities - at this level any saving in times will have a noticeably beneficial effect on the region's economy," Mr Holden added.

It has also become a member of NASA, which will develop air traffic control solutions to guarantee the safety and efficiency of aircraft operation. Electric VTOLs are greener, less expensive and can be flown to the next "Skyport" - a set of take-off points distributed throughout the town.

And if that's not enough to persuade you, Uber forecasts that a journey from LAX to Staples Center during peak hours will be compressed from one hr plus drive to just a thirty-minute flight.

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