Prague Airport Taxi Service

Airport Prague Taxi Service

The transfer at the all-inclusive price is an alternative to the conventional taxi service. We have been using them for years and were very satisfied with their service and pricing. Convenient and dependable taxi service from Prague Airport 1, p1 express packing, 2, p2 express packing. Airport-fee rates are no longer influenced by airport taxes and are significantly lower than before, while the comfort of car and service remains the same: order via cell phone approx. 21,90 Czech crowns per km, order via shipping 24,90 Czech crowns per km.

When ordering trips to the airport or central train stations, specify your location (address access) to create your own portable app. The entry of a target is very important and influences the selection of the vehicle with the necessary priorities for this kind of trips. On 29.12.2016 the service of shuttles from Václav Havel Airport Prague to V Celnici St. and back was stopped.

Airport Prague Taxi

Driving a taxi in Prague is not an easy matter. Pleas check our Take Taxi page to prevent being cheated and having a nasty ride right after leaving your plane (this is what happens to us). If you are coming out of the arrival area, you will see several taxi ranks along the kerb operated by different businesses.

We have been using them for years and were very satisfied with their service and price. To get from Prague airport to the city centre, you should be prepared to spend 500 - 600 Czech crowns. Otherwise, speak to the individual at the AAA information desk in the arrival area.

They should not have to call the control centre, but in case their numbers are 140 14 or 222 333 222 (English spoken). City Taxi is another good Prague taxi service, but there is currently no taxi booth at the airport. Either call them at 257 257 257 257 257 (English speaking) or order a pick-up by texting 777 257 257 257 in the following format: your name, pick-up place, pick-up pick-up hour.

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