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An Alaska Cab Inc Taxicabs is one of several companies based in Kenai, Alaska. Telephone number, mobile directions, reviews, website links and much more. An Alaska Cab Inc is a taxi company that offers local taxi transportation in Kenai, AK. Kenai Yellow Taxi.

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On this page you can find your cabin price with Anchorage, AK Taxitariff. The results are all estimated and may differ based on outside conditions such as transport and weathers. Her last ticket price estimation had a mistake. What does a cab charge? On this website given routes and fares are approximate only.

Building, transport, weather, current tariff rises and other unforeseen circumstances may affect or change the ticket price.

Kenai to host Transport Grant competition

As of July 1, a non-profit organisation that has been providing transition coupons for older and handicapped persons on the Kenai Peninsula for almost 20 years will no longer be able to make them available: Independent Living Center was not granted the state' s normal subsidy this year. Independent Living Center Managing Director Joyanna Geisler says a government-subsidized cab fare programme is playing an important part in helping her handicapped and older customers live fulfilled lifes.

However, this could all end in July, due to the outcome of a group transport summit in November. Mr Geisler claims that Jennifer Beckmann, Managing director of the Central Area Rural Transit System (CARTS), said it was not important to prioritise a project. "She said that we didn't have to prioritise.

They are all important and have the same priorities. And so there were some questions from the public about, well - why do we call it a prioritisation session if we don't want to prioritise the work? Alaska Community Transit Grant Programme for the area.

There is no local buses on the Kenai Peninsula. Rather, they have CARTS, which use vehicles with planned pick-up periods on the central peninsula. She was responsible for the trial and her CARTS agent was the head of the funding proposal. According to Geisler, Beckman has put her own project at the top of the ranking.

"At the time the project lists came in, CARTS set the two to one and two and ILC set the two to three and four. In other words, the Proposals Assessment Panel reviewed the shortlist and considered CARTS as the number one priorities and financed it," Geisler said. CARTS, located between Soldotna and Kenai, raised nearly $706,000 in financing.

This is the forth biggest subsidy in the state, according to DOT official. The CARTS also obtained 105,000 dollars from the state for the acquisition of a service that will go towards amusement park attractions and another 9,600 dollars for a networking service. The Independent Living Center, which caters to the older and handicapped populations on the main peninsula, Seward and Homer, sells cab fare, which is subsidised by government grants, to ensure accessible transport on the main peninsula since 1997 and on Homer since 2000.

The Independent Living Center applied for a $178,000 grant for transport in Soldotna, Seward and Homer. As we voted only for our own products, I began to list them and submit them to DOT. Beckmann said: "They were in alternate order - for a year the Independent Living Center would lead the way and next year CARTS would lead the way.

The DOT officers say that Beckmann was accountable for the list of priority fellowship activities. Beckman has been involved in the region's subsidy submission for years, and she should have known that prioritizing was crucial, especially this year as the budget tightened. "It has been known for quite some time, this was just a demand for each of the areas that submitted transport proposals for people," Taylor said.

According to Taylor, the awarding authority has only been able to provide half the normal number of subsidies this year and financing is likely to be further slashed. They say CARTS didn't get all the money they requested - they didn't get a new truck they wanted and are looking for other means to get paid for it.

It says if the Independent Living Center can't find another way of financing until July 1, the handicapped and elderly individuals its agent is serving will have to go without the coupons and give up some of the autonomy the programme has become used to.

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