Taxi Booking Phone number

Taxis Reservation Telephone number

Taxibooking guide for the procurement of your taxi in Singapore. Telephone book numbers of call centres for taxis and taxis in Singapore are listed below. Notify users if they cannot verify their mobile phone numbers. Many thanks for booking your reservation. You can download our mobile booking app in Itunes or Google Play.

Booking a taxi

The booking charges apply. Valid for iPhone under ifOS 7.0 and higher. Applies to mobile phone phones that run on Google's Android 4.0 and later OS. A booking charge is made for this feature. Booking in advanced must be made half an hours in advanced. EXAMPLE OF FORMAT example of format SMS: This applies to the booking charge valid at the time.

Booking our limo will allow you to benefit from the personal attention of our highly qualified staff. There is a $10.00 or $18.00 pre-sale charge for this booking option. Reservations must be made at least half an hour beforehand. Booking our seven-seater maxi cabs for personal wheeled chair servicing by our specifically qualified driver.

Booking a taxi

Please click here for details of taxi fares and additional charges. You will be invoiced the daily and pre-sales charges. This is for the actual posting type: Booking< Room >Postcode< Room >#Pickup Point. Used for presale type: ADVBOK< Room >ZIP code< Room >#Recording point< Room >#Recording period (24-hour format)< Room >Collection date.

The SMRT Taxi Booking application is available for free and can be downloaded from the Apple Retail Shop.

ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking App in the App Store

ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking App is the perfect taxi booking solution for individual travellers. The easy-to-use solution provides comfort by enabling passengers to specify their preferred taxi destinations and trips for their taxi reservations. You can even reserve a taxi at your present position, measured by the phone's own satellite tracking system.

User can also choose and reserve from a complete 10 trip schedule to increase comfort. eReceipt can also be readily accessed and e-mailed for each of the complete journeys. Downlaod the app now! - Recording of actual and future vacancies is possible. - Auto-detect your actual position using your local location as your pick-up area.

Default and recall preferred places for booking. Presetting and retrieval of your favorite trips with travel information (pick-up and drop-off addresses) for booking. - Notification in-App Push for all taxi reservations. - Confirmed taxi booking tracing (immediate tracing for actual reservations and tracing 10 minutes before pick-up for prebookings).

  • Make sure you have checked the taxi rank or canceled taxi reservations independently of the canals. Users can, for example, make a booking for a taxi via the text message service and then use this booking tool to verify the booking state. - Approximate taxi charge. - Divide travel information. - It is possible to see a complete 10 booking of the last 30 workdays.
  • REceipt available for each complete journey. - in-app push alert to evaluate our drivers after each complete journey. - Send us your taxi experiences via the poll and feed-back function. - You can stay up to date with the latest news and announcements from ComfortDelGro Taxis. ConfortDelGro Taxi Booking is running on and above version 7 of iOS.

The functions of this software may differ depending on the version of the OS and phone model. ConfortDelGro is one of the biggest overland transportation operators in the globe with a truly multinational staff, a multinational shareholders structure and a multinational perspective. The business areas of the ComfortDelGro business units comprise buses, taxis, trains, rent a car and lease, automobile technology, inspections and test systems, drive centers, brokerage firms, field advertisements and dealers.

I' been following the taxi the whole way through the options in the AP. So when I phoned the guy, he said I canceled the reservation! Although I chased his taxi. If you are not able to check your phone number, please contact them.

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