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This is a rural area partly covered by the Charter. Arrange, plan or cancel service appointments via Spectrum Customer Service. How can I request a service in the unsupplied area? - Range of charter

How can I request a service in the unsupplied area? This is a country area partly covered by the Charter. But I' m 3 leagues from the next helpful adress. Have I wondered if it is possible to request a service that continues on my way? Did this ever happen in the past when an individually or a group of individually requested or funded that the service be expanded to their area?

We have a plethora of similar queries posted in this forums every few month or so if you want to look for them, so far I think there may have been 2 with a good result. A recent request came from a person allegedly less than 3000' away from the next survey, and it was given nearly $200,000 for the link to be made.

So if you're really serious, I suggest you find the charter agency and talk to the site supervisor for your region. Three-mile to the next tape would mean you're between three to four miles to the next knot. If you have fibre optics operating near your home, the only way to get service to your home is to set up your own knot and then co-ax to your home.

When Charter sees that enough roadshow folks are interested in getting service, they can work out a deals with you boys. Yes, the site supervisor is the starting point. Alternatively, talk to someone at your nearest franchising school. It may be someone in your town/village/municipal area.

I' m also in a very similar position, I'm currently 1800 feet off the bar and can see it from my home. Last year, on my anniversary, I also went to the regional offices and asked them directly and they said that everything depended on the service desks. Thing that really is killing me is if they run it down my road they could picked up 15+ homes slightly and added them to the service.

Any way to get in touch with the site supervisor other than going to the offices? My nearest home is Owosso, MI and my home is in Flushing, MI 48433. In between charter or charter shop, unless you have a group of folks who are willing to spend cool tough money (ok, good test or debit cards would likely do too), then you are SOL. What is more, you can get a good deal of money from us.

Mileage is a great deal of cash to expand a facility if there is no significant number of prospective customers on the way to your site.

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