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One of the only commercial airports in Orange County, California, is John Wayne Airport, Orange County (SNA). "Orange County Airport offers a user-friendly atmosphere that supports the development of General Aviation. sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] IATA: SNA[4], ICAO: KSNA, FAA LID: SNA)[5] is an Orange County, California, USA based airport with a postal location in the town of Santa Ana, hence the IATA airport number. MacArthur Boulevard in Irvine, the town bordering the airport to the west and south.

However, some gate systems are designed to accommodate airplanes up to the dimensions of a Boeing 767, which can be operated with limitations on useful capacity and engine gas. Its first runway was in 1923, when Eddie Martin and James Irvine entered into a five-year contract to run a flight training centre on Irvine Company wasland.

11 ] It was acquired by the county of Orange in 1939 through a change of country and is still owned and administered by the county. In 1926 Martin added the first hanger. 11 ] In 1935, Howard Hughes organized his performance from Eddie Martin Airport. Following its operation as a bases during the Second Word War, the Santa Ana Army airfield was surrendered to the district by the German administration on the condition that it remained open for all types of air travel.

Between 1950 and 1959, C.J. "Pappy" Hart[12] and Creighton Hunter ran the Santa Ana Drag-strip, considered the world's first ever commercially-owned portable drag-strip[13], every Sunday on the airport strip when it was restricted to flights. The airport was renovated in 1964 with two runways in line, 190 degree aligned and 10 degree magnetised.

The Eddie Martin 2,000 sqm was built in 1967 for 400,000 people a year. The conversion added two check-in areas in 1974, a new luggage reclaim area in 1980 and a further extension to the airport in 1982, increasing the area to 2,700 m² (29,000 m²). In 1979, after Orange County Airport was re-named John Wayne Airport, John Wayne Associates hired Robert Summers, a sculptress, to make a bronzed sculpture of the Duke.

" Built at the Hoka Hey Foundry in Dublin, Texas, the 2.7 metre high sculpture was built for the county on November 4, 1982. Today the bronce sculpture is located in the Thomas F. Riley Terminal on the Arrivals level. The Thomas F. Riley Terminal was opened in 1990. Eddie Martin's ageing 29,000 square feet (2,700 m2) terminal was superseded by a state-of-the-art 31,390 square metre terminal.

1994 the then unexploited Eddie Martin Terminal was torn down. A new, bigger airport was suggested in the latter 1990' and early 2000' for the close area of the then recently shut down El Toro Marine Corps Air Station. After a number of struggles, coupled with considerable resistance from local people near El Toro, the suggestion was rejected and no new airport constructed.

As part of an extension worth USD 543 million, in 2011 extra areas were created and current buildings renovated. 14 ] A new C terminal with six extra gateways as well as separate shuttle gateways in the new facility and new shuttle installations in the new facility were constructed. A new car park was added as well as extra supporting services such as a central supply facility.

There'?s a grand staggering 22 goals. Thomas F. Riley Airport, the principal air traffic control facility, is designated after the deceased county inspector who was involved in the airport development in the eighties. Thomas F. Riley Airport consists of three separate areas, A, B2 and C, with special shuttle gateways at the northern end of A and at the southern end of C. All three of them are located in the same Thomas F. Riley facility, and security-supervised travellers can switch "airside" between all areas.

In all three terminal areas adjoining the check-in area there are safety checkpoints. Switchover between indoor terminal areas before safety on land is also possible, the check-in areas between all three terminal areas have connection routes that allow entry between all of them. Free Wi-Fi is provided in all three terminal. Terminal A and B were constructed in 1990 to substitute for the former Eddie Martin Terminal, which was shut down when the new terminal was opened.

Terminal A added its own pedestrian gateway area and updated gateways, signs and information screens in Terminal A and B in November 2011. Terminal A and B were created by Gensler & Associates, Leason Pomeroy Associates and Thompson Consultants International. They contain eateries, pubs and stores, with a theme eatery in the airside connection area of both terminal buildings.

An American Airlines Admirals Club (operated from Terminal A) and a United Club (operated from Terminal B) are located in the top roundabout above the theme canteen. Terminals A has gateways 1-8 and B has gateways 9-15. The Terminal C was opened in November 2011 and expanded by seven new gateways, its own commute area and new gastronomy and retailing areas.

The Terminal C also offers a U.S. Customs and Border Protection FIS/Federal Inspection Service for U.S. departures without pre-approval. The FIS is entered by two gate doors and travellers have opened the southern end of Terminal C's check-in area. Terminal C has gate 16-22. Located on the lower floor of the airport, the check-in area has seven luggage reclaim straps, two in Terminal A, two in Terminal B and three in Terminal C. The pick-up area for check-in at the curb is located directly outside the check-in area.

Between Terminal A and Terminal D there are rent a vehicle bureaus with most of the local rent a vehicle agents in the lower floors of the multi-storey park opposite the arrival area between Terminal A and Terminal B. Opposite the carriageway from the arrival area between Terminal A and Terminal B there is a bus, taxi and Disneyland Resort Express service area.

WestJet, the Canada-based carrier, is offering a year-round non-stop flight to Vancouver (early May 2011). The WestJet offered Calgary a seasonally based facility, which was discontinued in 2013. The Southwest Airlines affiliate, AirTran Airways, launched a new flight from John Wayne Airport to Cabo San Lucas and Mexico City in June 2012. It was the first intercontinental flight to use the new FIS in Terminal C.[20] This flight is now served and burned by Southwest Airlines.

In a 1985 arrangement, the John Wayne Airport's activities were determined in terms of their impact on the LOC. This area, just south of John Wayne Airport, is classified as a sound area. Together with a Phase 2 Corporate Airline Access Plan and a regulation, the Memorandum of Understanding regulates the number of noisy flights (mainly business aircraft) permitted from the airport.

A few planes leaving the airport can run at full speed while stopping at the airport strip and then apply the brake when the engine is fully wound up (shortfield procedure). County forbids business flights between 22:00 and 19:00 (Sundays 8:00) and business flights between 23:00 and 19:00 (Sundays 8:00).

Following companies provide regular services. With the exception of US frontier pre-handling services, all overseas arrives are handled at the John Wayne Airport, which comprises 504 hectares (2,04 km2). The airport has several general aeronautics installations, a hangar divided into three terminals and two fixed strips for take-off and landing.

Take-off and landing runways 2L/20R: 5,701 x 150 ft (1,738 x 46 m), used by passenger and general air crafts servicing most of the arriving and departing air transport due to the west of the airport. In the early 90s, the General Aviation Master Plan was adopted, limiting the number of John Wayne Airport fixed-base operators to two, currently Atlantic and ACI Jet.

This airport is operated by the Orange County Transportation Authority ("OCTA") via the 76 OCTA routes, which operate on workdays. You can rent a rental vehicle locally in the lower floor of the A2/B2 multi-storey car parks. Disneyland Resort Express offers frequent connections from the airport to Disneyland Resort and Anaheim Resort Hotels. There are four multi-storey car parks at the airport, which are open in the central area of the terminal:

A1, A2, B2 and C. Car parks for car park services are available between Terminal A and Terminal A and Terminal C and between Terminal A and Terminal C. A car park outside the airport (Main Street Parking) is also available at 1512 Main Street in Irvine, with free shuttles to the terminal.

Taxi and shuttle services are available at the Ground Transportation Center outside the lower levels between Terminals A and B. On February 13, 2017, Harrison Ford steered his Aviat Husky and flew over an American Airlines Boeing 737 in anticipation of departing. The John Wayne Airport has been the primary hub for the Orange County Sheriff's Department since 1985, when the County Oversight Board authorized the acquisition of two Hughes MD500E planes with the nicknames "Duke I" and "Duke II", which bear the airport's eponym's celebrated name, the Hughes MD500E.

For 41 years, the Costa Mesa Police Department ran an ASU from John Wayne Airport. The Lyon Air Museum, established in 2009 by Major General William Lyon, is housed in a hanging room on the western side of the airport. FAA Airport Master Record for SNA (Form 5010 PDF), valid from 26 April 2018.

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