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Helicopter Charter

Have our experienced jet charter sales team arrange your private charter through our extensive dealer network. Manston UK based Heli Charter has recently abandoned the Customer Service Facility title for Bell Helicopters. turnover The new five-seater helicopter developed by Bell Helicopter focuses on security, performance and dependability through the use of state-of-the-art technologies. Have a look at the large selection of helicopters for purchase. Contains our release schedule and the reconditioning of components.

Contact us with a multitude of methodologies, as well as socially relevant and more.

Flying privately in a contemporary way

There will be no confirmation of a ticket until full fare has been paid. FoxTrot and its affiliates hereby consent to providing truthful, fair, accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive information about themselves as prompted by all application materials provided by Foxtrot. In the event that any message sent to an e-mail addressee provided by you is deemed to have been undelivered, Foxtrot retains the right to immediately cancel your User ID with or without prior notification to you and without any responsibility to you or any third parties.

Fox Trot has the right to deny the transport of one or more sacks considered to be too large or too big. Please note that all rates, availabilities and departures are without engagement. The Foxtrot company has the right to modify or postpone any flights due to: bad weather, delayed ATC, TFR's (flight restrictions) or any circumstances beyond our reasonable controls.

Fox Trot has the right to postpone a trip if the required level is not reached. Charter charges are an extra $250 per 15 min service, beginning 15 min after the planned sailing hour. Unauthorised acts or behaviour will lead to immediate cessation of the operation.

Upon request, the passenger must have direct contact to a confirmatory e-mail for their journey. The passenger must be present for all departures 15 min before their planned departures. Due to conditions such as, but not restricted to, meteorology, TFR, air traffic control, air traffic control, air traffic control and pilots' hours of service, air services may take off up to 5 min before the planned air travel date.

FOXTROT will, at the customer's option and to the best of its ability, offer replacement transport in the event of technical problems, which will be invoiced to the customer as an extra charge. FOXTROT's initial fees shall in such cases be applicable only to the part of the journey which has been terminated. Foxtrot has the right to revoke up to 2 hrs before the planned start of your trip if the date of your trip is in question.

If your trip is canceled due to bad weather, we will issue a gift certificate which can be redeemed for up to 12 month. BY THE SEAT reservations may be postponed or canceled up to 48hrs prior to the regular service. In the case of cancellation at the seating position up to 48 hrs before take-off of the regular service, a ticket will be provided which can be redeemed for up to 12 mhs.

Shows and cancelations within 48 hour after the regular service will not cause the full fare to expire. The customer shall be responsible for all damages to airplanes or other belongings of a charter flights organized by FOXTROT for the customer due to staff, agencies, representatives and/or guest of the customer. In no event shall FOXTROT be responsible for any delays, cancelations or non-performance of any shipment under this Agreement due, in whole or in part, to any governmental regulatory, statutory, regulatory or regulatory provision, or force majeure, atmospheric condition, act of terror, strikes or industrial disputes, damages to or losses of any airplane, equipment, mechanical difficulties, incidents beyond FOXTROT's reasonable reasonable controls, strikes, civil unrest, strikes, civil unrest, customer non-confirmation of a booking, or any other cause beyond FOXTROT's control.

The FOXTROT is not responsible for losses or damages of cash, metals, stocks, loans, vouchers, jewellery, gems or securities. The FOXTROT is not responsible for the cost of transport in the event of mechanic problems (in this case our fees are valid only for the part of the trip). In the event that a passenger does not arrive at their final destinations due to bad conditions, the fees shall be applicable for each arrival and departure of the passenger and his or her crews (with or without passengers) to their home bases.

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