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Here is why it is cheaper to buy Spirit Airlines tickets at the airport.

At the beginning of the weekend I was flying Spirit from Los Angeles to Seattle, and last night I was sharing my thoughts about the whole outing. I find it infinitely intriguing the more I am learning about Spirit. I do not know of any other airlines that charge you more to take a handbag with you than to inspect it.

In fact, the carrier will charge you $10 if you want an agency to have your flight card printed at the terminal (although you can get it free at a kiosk). To make a Spirit booking, the best place is at the hotel and not at or by telephone.

Not only do we talk a few bucks less, but we also talk ~$19 less per way, which is often half the fare. Let's take a Tampa to Fort Lauderdale plane ride on as an example. The Spirit is amazingly clear, and they show the "airfare" and then the "government cut".

Reducing the amount of the government's contribution involves things like the safety charges, the charges for the interior, the segments charges, the consumption taxes, etc. PNR is $18.99 per way. This is a cost that is incurred for on-line or telephone bookings, although it is not part of the basic tariffs. However, the only way to prevent this cost for passengers is to buy a flight pass at the nearest local airline.

What would Spirit do that for? This is only paid for the airfare, and from a technical point of view the $18.99 "passenger user fee" is a levy. Essentially this will save them $1.42 on each route (technically it will be given to the consumer, but since the fare has to be sold as all-in, there is not much difference).

So Spirit lets you go to the nearest aerodrome to prevent this charge. Travis said a few nights ago that queues at Spirit check-in desks are long and there is no dedicated ticket-office. We' re speaking of ~$38 on a round-trip ticket, so if you are a four-person familiy, that means $150+ saved on a round-trip ticket.

Everybody must choose for themselves whether it is rewarding to drive to the airports (if you are not already there anyway) to buy a tickets, and even more whether it is rewarding to wait in line. One way or another, I think this is an innovation for the carrier to bypass charges, and for some it will certainly be rewarding.

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