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Hello, I would like to ask if there are any dependable sites that appreciate the taxi tariff in Bangkok. When I applied for the tariff between the Thailand Cultural Center and zukhumvitso 8, I did make cookies with the help of my own browser and there is a large variety of tariffs between the sites. Thank you, all fare in the immediate center should be around 60-80 berths, but could be higher if you're sitting in a jam for a while, which could be easy at Ratchada and Asoke Intersection.

Leave the 3 stations marked Munich Re (MRT) at Sukhumvit for 21Baht and then you have 5-10 minutes walking to Soi 8. It will cost less than $10 from one end of town to the other, even in busy weather. They really don't need a fare calculation tool because BKK cabs are inexpensive.

The GRAB gives quite useful estimations. However, when traffic congestion and street condition in Bangkok are very accidental, estimations can sometimes go astray. Always I expect about 500B for a taxi drive (per drive). When it exceeds the 500B barrier... then something must really be false. When it is below the 500B level.... then the surplus amount is used to buy the beers.

Where in the world do you travel within the BKK borders to get 500 B. A. per taxi ride? Taxi to one of the two aerodromes is significantly smaller than this amount. Taxi across the whole area, like from Suchumwit to Banglamphu (e.g. Khao San Road) will cost 80 baht if there is no overload.

Up to 120 berths, maybe, if you get caught in heavy traffic. No. No way "10 dollars" AUS or USD and certainly not 500 Baht. For the Saen Saep canal cruiser that travels through the town, the fare is less than 20 berths. Can' t call back to ever have 500 TBT for a taxi trip in Bangkok.

Okay - can be from the airports to the cities at peak hours, incl. tolls. It is more about the unforeseeable road conditions in Bangkok. Simply assuming the standard is "bad", use Skytrain, ARL, MRT and Flussboote as much as possible to get the most out of your voyage.

Too high 500 bu for a one-way taxi ride within Bangkok. The problem is, if you don't have 500B in your bag, don't take a cab. That place of Sukhumvit Soi 8? Don't charge a lump sum for a metre taxi! Hint a taxi in motion, tell the taxi rider where to go and use the measuring device, if he decides on the counter, get in!

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