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ÜberPool vs. UberX - How does UberPool work? überPOOL brings you together with drivers who drive in the same directions, so you can share the trip and share the costs. Click on the Uber application and type your target in the Where to? field.

Touch the uberPOOL ride item at the bottom of the display. Touch Confirm ÜberPOOL. You will see the arrival of your rider and the approximate arrival times at your final destinations.

View the card in the Uber application as you go to your pick-up location. Get on the kerb before your drivers arrive to make sure no one is in your vehicle waiting. We' re gonna cross-reference your ride with other drivers on your way. In this way we can provide you with a reasonable rate, so anticipate extra pick-ups and/or returns during your itinerary.

We calculate the ticket price on the basis of your preferred means of transport. When your journey was 5 star, consider typing your rider in the application after your journey. We' re looking for passengers along your itinerary who fill empty cars. It may take a little longer to get there with additional drivers, but you will always see your expected ETA in the application.

If you plan your journey properly, uberPOOL can be magic. Get on the kerb prepared to go before your chauffeur gets there to make sure no one is waited in your vehicle. As soon as your uberPOOL journey begins, your goal will be determined and blocked. In this way we can find out who else we have to collect and which is the best itinerary to take.

UeberPOOL can be driven by a boyfriend, but if you're travelling with more than 2 persons or more baggage, it's best to order UeberX or UeberXL. What is the time it takes for other drivers to be picked up? Are there any limits to the number of persons we can collect on my itinerary?

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