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The Penny Cars, Airdrie, North Lanarkshire. Ballyowen Shopping Centre Lucan Co. Hello, Dublin Taxis & Taxicabs. Latest tweets from Penny Cars (@PennyCars).

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Airdrie - Penny Cars - Taxis - 01236 752752 - Airdrie

Booking on-line and we had to spend 5 mins waiting. They still didn't show up an hour and 15 minutes later. Find yourself another firm that will actually show up! On the same evening a rider was waiting outside our front gate for 2 seconds before he drove off, 5 mins later we got an SMS from him that the credit cards were down.

Finally one got one sent out and even ER didn't realize as driver are due to be waiting 5 min outside. Around noon, we were booking home on the apartment from Bischopbriggs, it took 40 min until the sent text came through, then when we checked the location, it was not yet sent.

About 30 moments later and our reservation was canceled. Bishop Briggs is a way out for Penny, but does not allow the reservation and lets us delay an extra minute to call it off without prior warning. Reserved cab for 8:30 am more than 12 hrs in advanced. Calling the 8:40 a.m. station to find out where the cab is, I had to be at the infirmary for 9 a.m. to find out I could still hold on for another 30mn.

Well, I telephoned another firm and the cab arrived within 5 min and won't be using that firm anymore. Waiting an hours for a cab, I shouted back to find out that my blacklist was for a rental car I had never rented because I wasn't home in the New Year! If I could, I wouldn't give that cab a star.

So use the new reservation application that this firm has, and all I can say is that it's awesome. Could make payments with money or credit cards and even better I can observe my cab arriving on the monitor.............. When Bathgate phoned me, I didn't know the name of the road, but I gave the railway yard as my location........girl on the telephone said that wasn't enough, then I hanged.

2. call the young lady seemed to be more supportive, waiting over an hours for the cab that didn't show up, so she got another one. I' m not using that cab business anymore. Scandalous client services.

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