Helicopter Rental las Vegas

Las Vegas helicopter rental

Hubschrauber flight training Las Vegas bgcolor= "#087dc2 textcolor="#ffffff"]L[/dt_sc_dropcap] to make a helicopter with the #1 Helicopter Flight Trainings School in Las Vegas. We are the number 1 in private pilot certification and commercial pilot certification. We are very proud of the education of our top class pilot. It is our belief that the pilot we educate will enhance the helicopter business and make it a safe and better way of being.

Therefore, our flights have tens of millions of flying lessons, while other CFI based training centres have flights with restricted flights. Would you really like to go to a helicopter training college that trains aeroplane pilots? Don't spend your valuable attention studying aircraft if you really want to become an integrated part of helicopter use.

The only way to really get to know flying, we believe, is to actually pilot the helicopter yourself. Thus you take over the control of the helicopter from the first morning, no other flying academy in Las Vegas offers you the possibility to pilot the helicopter yourself. When you are not sure which license/certificate you need, we recommend that you accompany one of our veteran pilot on a voyage of exploration.

Excursions include 30 min on the floor and 30 min flying time for a $275 fee. If you are just interested in what it's like to ride a helicopter, or if you have the ambition of a lifetime aeronautical carrier. This private pilot program is aimed at those who want to learn to pilot as a pastime, shop or buy their own plane.

Your private pilot licence allows you to take your relatives, acquaintances and colleagues aboard your plane or the plane you rent as a pilot in Command. However, the only limitation to working as a private pilot is that you may not be indemnified by the FAA for your abilities.

Commercial Pilot Programme is the programme for helicopter pilot who wish to pursue their flying education to become more knowledgeable or to become a helicopter pilot or certified instructor. The programme is aimed at students with a helicopter rated commercial pilot certificate. This course provides the students with the necessary skill and expertise to successfully pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Instructor exam.

Students with a flying Instructor Certificate are entitled to work as helicopter instructors, the most frequent entrance to the helicopter world.

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