How much does it Cost to Rent an Airplane

What does it cost to rent a plane?

What does it cost to rent a plane? The Skypark Aviators ClubTheir wet (i.e. including fuel) were rentals from February 2013 for members (membership fee $50/a): It is a very large flying training center with many airplanes. The majority of colleges are much smaller and some have much newer fleet, but typically prices I've seen are usually $90 - $130 per hour for a 2 seater like a Diamond DA20 or Cessna C152 (including fuel), or $110 - $150 for a 4 seater like a Diamond DA40 or Cessna C172.

A Cessna 152 can be rented at the lower end for about $40 per rentalh. In the past, I rented a twin-engine four-seater for about $250 an incident. Chartering a larger aircraft, full crewed, could be quite costly. Once I charters a Learjet for about $3,000 an ounce.

Big question for you are: How much aircraft do you need, and do you have to buy the flight crews (or do you want to do it yourself)? They were in twinning with 2 other familys (so it wasn't an official rental), but spent $6 per hours moist (with fuel) on a Piper Comanche (4-seater compound, landing gear retracted).

Two dollars an honest dollar an incident of this went into upkeep. When I was 17 years old I learnt to Fly and my dad got me a Cessna 150 for $6,400 and my hot season was learning to Flight. I had 52hrs 31 after that. Well, I don't know the cost, but he was selling it for a little more than he was buying it.

Thus I received a bodily and briefing in a lease 172 @ $70 per hours moist. My actual airplane was purchased in 1995. I' ve calculated the cost and it comes to about $1 60 an hr soaked. My insurer excludes it, even though I could retrofit my insurer.

As the airplane gets larger and quicker, it will cost more. 4 h flights to supply his families cost $15,000 (they still have to calculate 4 hrs to get the aircraft back to base), so 8 hrs and 2 aviators.

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