Salvage Aircraft for Sale

Recovery aircraft for sale

Further information on aircraft recovery can be found on the following pages: This table lists the aircraft currently for sale. Bids submitted via the Tokyo Marine HCC salvage aircraft website will be accepted only. The United States Aircraft Insurance Group. Aircraft Sales & Salvage - Air Salvage of Dallas.

Supplementary services

Reconstructable aircraft are often available after an aircraft that is undersecured is considered uneconomic for repairs by the insurer. Often this is due more to the fact that the aircraft does not have adequate comprehensive cover than to the fact that the aircraft is not a potential replacement. Aircraft for private customers who have bought reconstructable aircraft from security and salvage agents have been successfully refurbished, and we will be pleased to work with you to make your sale ready to fly again!

Below are several rescue websites designed to help you find your next aircraft:

Aeroplane recovery, aero engine, propeller, aviation electronics and aero parts.

Are you looking for hard-to-find parts for the likes of pipers, Beechcraft parts, Mooney parts, Mooney parts, experiment aircraft parts, or just the best value anywhere? Our inventory includes used aircraft parts, used aircraft power plants and parts, used electronics, instrumentation, airframe parts, wing parts, tyres, inner parts, propulsion systems and propeller parts.

We have used aircraft parts and electronics from manufacturers such as Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Mooney, Lycoming, TCM Continental, Garmin, King, Narco, S-TEC, RC Allen, ARC, United Instruments and many more.

Rescue - Shipper

Within the framework of our standard damage processing, we sometimes make the scheduling of aircraft participating in an insured event easier. Those planes were classified as totally damaged by the critics, so we can sell them for salvage. In order to make this procedure as simple as possible for interested persons, we carry out a blank tender procedure with open entries for all.

Preliminary information on the recovery aircraft we currently have open for bidding is given below. Please be aware that this is an incidental stocktaking that changes on a regular basis, so if you are interested in a recovery aircraft, please visit us on a regular basis to get the latest information about the aircraft we have been provided with.

Click on the amber text in the above list table to display aircraft detail and photos. 1. shipper, LLC provides this on-line bulletin board for the sale of aircraft in the event of damage, and it is specifically stated that shipper is the depositary and not the lawful owners of such aircraft.

By using this on-line evaluation tool and making a tender, the tenderer recognises that he has had the possibility to see, examine and assess the aircraft recovery prior to making a tender. 3. the tenderer notes that all salvage operations are carried out on an'as is, where is' base without any guarantee of the state of the salvage operations.

Tenderers are strongly advised to check the salvage personally before submitting their tenders. The photos and information included on this website are the exclusive properties of Versant, LLC, and tenderers are prohibited from using such information for any purposes other than submission of bids. Institutions that store the salvage equipment resold through this site are in no way associated with Versant, LLC, and conduct their businesses through their own policies.

Kaplan does not guarantee the uptime of the equipment in order to meet the bidder's timetable or other needs when visiting the salvage site. Any sale is definitive and all monies are due no later than ten (10) business days after receipt of the salvage. The winner will not be rescued until 100% of the salvage fee has been paid through certificated money or bank transfers.

After the sale and approval of the salvage, the bidder/buyer is liable for all warehousing, management and transport costs. Consignor understand that Consignor will fill out an FAA Sales Agreement with the Consignor's address as the "Buyer" of the aircraft and forward it directly to the FAA for review.

The Bidder should give all alternative directions to the Shipper in Advance that are to be agreed with Shipper and require Shipper's consent.

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