Damaged Aircraft for Sale

Aircraft damaged for sale

There is no information available for this page. Learn why Old Republic Aerospace, Inc. Register - Aircraft recovery auction The right is reserved to change or delete a recovery list at any moment before the offer is closed. Any and all salvages are resold as is, WO-IS and without any representation or warranty of any kind with respect to the state of the aircraft. Compensate and keep Old Republic Insurance Company and ORA indemnified from all liabilities resulting from the sale, transport, use or sale of the Rescue.

Disclosure of loss histories to prospective buyers. The ORA will insert an annotation in the aircraft logs that the aircraft has been damaged. Payments must be made within ten workingdays of the date on which the contract is awarded. If the ORA does not recieve payments within ten working day of being notified of the winning bid, the winning tenderer may forfeit the recovery and reject further tenders.

Payments shall be made exclusively by cheque or bank remittance. Ownership will be transfered from the present registrated proprietor to the winning tenderer upon receipt of payments. Any and all costs associated with the recovery, up to and personal care, warehousing and tax incurred after notification of the prize recipient shall be borne by the prize recipient.

Non-US corporations or persons are liable for obtaining all documents for exports. The ORA will in no way help to make provision for the US aircraft recovery exports. Tenderers are hereby invited to carry out an aircraft recovery survey. In accepting these conditions, the tenderer recognises that it had the possibility to examine and assess the aircraft recovery and does not rely on an assurance from the ORA.

Photographs of all aircraft are the sole properties of ORA and may not be used without the prior permission of ORA. Tenders will be closed at 23:59 EST on the fifteenth day of each calendar months, unless otherwise stated in the aircraft detail. With a click on the field "I agree" the tenderer confirms that he has reviewed and accepted the general conditions of the ORA Recovery website.

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