Originally, the word shuttle means the device used to carry the weft during weaving. An airport shuttle flight home late at night leads into darkness. Actually, there's a shuttle going back and forth between two locations.

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Check out Wiktionary, the free online lexicon. Originally, the term shuttle was used to describe the equipment used to support the shot during loom weave. So now the floor can open: Shuttle of the Buran-grade, the car for the Soviet Buran-Programm. The Space Shuttle, the NASA Space Shuttle aircraft for the 1981-2011 Space Shuttle series.

The Space Shuttle Orchestra, a spaceship, the human part of the Space Shuttle.

Nightmare terminal! (2008)

A fugitive killer pursues his ex-girlfriend who has run away to begin a new existence in a small city. There are two couples looking for a new home who go to a remote open home, but when they find a tongueless little gal they soon find they can't go. The Fair Trade images supporting advocacy of advocacy for defending humankind against slave trade at the municipal and local levels.

The best buddies went out to be the first to climb a perilous summit in Alaska. During a journey to a city on the borders of Mexico, three students come across a worship of manslaughter. The newly married Molly relocates to the home of her late country dad, where grievous recollections soon begin to follow her.

Nightmare terminal! Jules' toggle changes dramatically after the shuttle crashed. However, when she woke up after the accident, he was hardly twice wound and perfect smooth: "We are almost finished with the shopping.

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A fusion of Central English shed, hotel, shell, shell, shaft, shaft, type of shaft, cube ( "bar; bolt"), of Old English s?utel, www. ("bar; bolt"), equal to shutter + -le, and Central English shed, shell, style, shoe, shetel, shaft, shaft, shaft, shaft, shaft, shaft, shaft, shaft ("rocket"); Projektil; Speer"), from the Old English language s?ytel, s?utel ("Pfeil, Pfeil"), from the Old Teutonic *skutilaz (cf. Old Norse skull ("Harpune")), from *skut- ("Projekt") (see shot).

These to-and-fro pictures inspire the expansion to "passenger trains" in 1895, planes in 1942 and spacecrafts in 1969, as well as older concepts such as badminton. I spend my time faster than a weaver's shuttle and without much ado. As shuttle buses through the loom, so quickly My feathers slide My hour, and all my aspirations mock each other!...

Yarn guide in a stitching loom that holds the bobbin thread via a top yarn strap to make a control stitch. 10. This is a transportation type (e.g. coach or train) that travels back and forth between two locations, sometimes even more. 2004, Dawn of the Dead, 1:14:20: You say we take the park buses, boost them with aluminium cladding and then go to the arms shop where our boyfriend Andy is playing a crowd of cowboys, jump-on-the-wagon shit.

Each other element, which repeats moving back and forth between two different position, probably moving something else between these points (e.g. within chemical science a molecule shuttle). It'?s like a closure on a melted metals canal. Actually, there's a shuttle going back and forth between two locations. It is also used more generally, however, for short-haul services, which may be a single route or have several stopping points (including a common journey or loop), in particular aerodrome busses; see the comparison of the use of a sedan in bulk.

To be transported by shuttle or with a shuttle bus shuttle bus shuttle bus shuttle bus.

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