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There are 6 airlines flying to Europe at low prices (for Real)

The low-cost airline Ryanair has spread the word this year with the announcement of the introduction of transoceanic flights from just 15 US dollars. But be sure: if you want to discover Europe cheaply, whether you want the ice-cold Scandinavian fiords or the hot and bright Portuguese countryside, it is possible to find round tours in the 400-700 dollar area.

The Turkish banner is definitely the best choice for US citizens who want to discover the bustling bouks, centuries-old landmarks and ancient spas of their pulsating Istanbul city. Example prices to Istanbul are $763 from Chicago O'Hare International Airport, $692 from Boston Logan International Airport and only $645 from Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Turkish Airlines is the world's 4th biggest airline, serving hundred of global cities, among them tens in North America. SATA International is located on the Azores Vulcan Isles and offers non-stop flights to Portugal and other European and North American cities.

Especially the inhabitants of Boston find here some great possibilities for round tours to places in Portugal, up to 200 dollars less expensive than the offers of other airline companies. From Boston to the Lisbon beach and the lime stone houses, for example, the price of a round trip to the Azores is just $622. The Azores are even simpler to travel to, with round trip fares as low as $472. And these are non-stop fares - no airport wait.

Inhabitants of Washington D.C., Boston and New York can travel there for just $660 round trips and land at Keflavik International Airport in just 6hrs. But if Iceland doesn't lead you into temptation, Icelandair also offers very cheap round tours to Copenhagen, especially for NYC inhabitants who can jump from JFK to the Danish capitol for only 580 dollars.

Travellers interested in Scandinavia should definitely take a look at Norwegian Air's great value tours, including JFK to Stockholm for up to 546 dollars, Orlando to Copenhagen for 529 dollars and JFK to Oslo for almost 528 dollars. With these prices you should have a lot of cash to spare to discover the Stockholm Isles, go through tight mediaeval roads bordered by pretty little chapels, or head further north to see the stunning spectacle of Mountorealis.

At XL Airways France we fly to only one single point in Europe, but who gives a damn that the choice is restricted if it is the City of Light? XL provides some of the lowest cost flights to Europe with a non-stop New York City and San Francisco to Paris connection, available mid-year from $550.

And, unlike some of the other low-cost airlines that fly to Europe, XL provides long-haul pilots with at least one free warm snack. Island is on the shortlist twice, this year with a low-cost operator who calls itself "the airlines with the largest smiles and the cheapest prices". Bostoners find round trip tours to Reykjavik for only 409 dollars and to Dublin for only 526 dollars, while inhabitants of the Baltimore-Washington metro region can attend Copenhagen for 449 dollars and Reykjavik for 346 dollars.

In addition, the carrier heralded the launch of all-new services from Boston and Baltimore to Paris and Amsterdam in July 2015. Those rates will be well below $400 (in fact we found flights of only $288). Okay, so Ryanair totaled over $15 flights. This does not mean, however, that there are no cheap flights to Europe.

It notifies you when rates drop, which means you will never again be paying too much for this trip to Paris or this trip to London!

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