Srilankan Airlines Courses

Sri Lankan Airlines Courses Courses

Higher education institutions set their own admission requirements for higher education courses, so that they are very different. This course is designed for beginners in cabin crews. The International Aviation Academy (IAA) von SriLankan Airlines.

Top Courses in Aviation in Sri Lanka 2018/2019

Higher and higher educational institutions define their own conditions for admittance to higher courses of study, so that they are very different. According to the degree programme, it is possible for the student to enter higher educational institutions with different skills. A number of higher educational institutions provide courses to prepare for a particular kind of studies.

The courses can be offered in a wide range of disciplines. Aeronautics is studying the many facets of flying, encompassing the designing, manufacturing and deployment of aeroplanes. There are many courses that cover airplanes that are more heavy than aeroplanes, but there is also the examination of airplanes that are less heavy than aeroplanes, such as airships. Although there are many possibilities for higher learning in Sri Lanka, many inhabitants choose not to visit these facilities.

Sri Lanka Aviation College

The SriLankan Airlines, the Sri Lankan Airlines airline, is launching its latest fully fledged Air China Learning College - SriLankan Learning, which offers young aspirants a wide range of possibilities to take their first steps towards an interesting air travel experience. The SriLankan Education is an organisation dedicated to providing a career-oriented, cutting-edge and extensive range of aerospace education courses to help learners achieve business and academic heights.

SriLankan Trainings understand the worldwide standard and the singular individuality of different airlines and has made it possible to offer tailor-made trainings based on its unprecedented expertise for airlines and individual travellers. The SriLankan Academy is designed to become the centre for high level air navigation education in Sri Lanka and the Southern Asia area.

Our company offers a wide variety of structural trainings and courses for all employees in the aerospace sector. There are five faculties: Flight Education, Technical Education, International Aeronautical Academy, Simulator Centre and Cabin Instruction. Our broad offering of value-added learning programmes is designed to provide our clients with the highest level of value and added value and worldwide acceptance.

Over 34 years of aerospace education to meet global industry best practices, we strive to deliver world-class education by working with airlines, identify critical areas of improvement and deliver valuable hands-on experiences to our undergraduates.

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