Pilot Training

training of pilots

Demand for new pilots has never been greater. In both cases the costs include the flight training to become a professional pilot with a flight instructor card. Originally the training division of the legendary Pan American Airways, we have trained thousands of pilots and know what airlines demand.

Pilot professional training programmes

We offer pilot training for those who have never had any training and for those who have had some training. Our training includes both national ( US ) and foreigners. Irrespective of your flying skills, we can take you to your next destination. Pupils from all over the globe can sign up for one of our pilot project programmes.

A Part 141 Expedited Training Bundle is available which contains your Private Pilot License (PPL), Instrument Ratings (IFR) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL). Our pilot programmes are designed for professionals who are able to work full-timers ( at least 5 nights a week, 5 hrs a day), with no training gap, to work quickly and effectively.

German pilot program: It is aimed at US citizens seeking vocational pilot training. Training your flights will result in your PPL, IFR and CPL assessments as you build your flying season through flying lessons, fully preparing you for hiring with the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in accordance with your airline's business aviation needs.

It is your path to a civil aerospace carrier. Internationally active pilot scheme (outside the European Union): The programme is aimed at young professionals (from outside the European Union) who are interested in training as pilot. With your flying training expertise, you will conduct your PPL, IFR and CPL assessments as you build your flying season through instructions, fully preparing you for appointment to airline positions with all Civil Aeronautical Authorities (CAA).

Fulfill all equal qualifications for admission as a pilot in your own Member State, with the exclusion of the European Union. The EASA Global Pilot Programme (European Union): The programme is aimed at young professionals from all over the world who wish to take up a careers as a pilot with an EU carrier.

Based on your flying training expertise, your PPL, IFR, and Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) ATPL assessments will be conducted as you build your flying season through training. They fulfil all equal minimal standards for certification as professional pilots in the European Union by our European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and FAA.

Although we welcome people from any nation, we may have extra information about your nation if you see it below: Below is just a brief overview of the many different nations we look after. Irrespective of your home state, we can offer you the training you need for your aeronautical carrier.

As an alternative, the student can choose single classes according to Part 61 Instruction, which allows for more flexibility in terms of timing for those who need accommodation due to other obligations such as occupation or higher learning. Unless you plan to sign up for a pilot training as described above, we provide customized training that you can complete at your own speed.

You can find more information on the pilot training sessions under the following link. Whatever pilot training path you choose, all our training programs are recognized by the FAA in accordance with our Part 141 Air Agency Certificate, which ensures top level training for pilots around the world.

Since 1999 we have completed ten thousand student pilots, most of whom fly today for business and leisure pilots.

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