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Rental Outstation and local AC cabins with attractive prices, clean cars, courteous drivers and transparent billing. Introduction of intercity trips between Pune and Mumbai Are you taking the Chhatrapati Shivaji airport plane or have you met in Mumbai? Either that or you were obligated never to see that relation in Mumbai - we have you under control. Seamless, one-way intercity trips to Mumbai are now available in your true #ApniHiGaadi! Drive directly to Chhatrapati Shivaji airport or to your Mumbai office right on your front door.

Dependable trips, 24×7 - Intercity trips to Mumbai are possible around the clock and on request. You cannot plan your Intercity trips at the moment. If you are new to the town, still need a map to find your way around, or an oldtimer with lots of good old Mumbai tales, our guide to attractions and activities here will amaze you!

Intercity cabs prepared by lxigo, sees applications integrated into Micromax hand sets.

Ixigo, India's leading tour and voyage planner, is poised to extend its recently introduced Taximeta offshore and is also working on a groundbreaking collaboration with Micromax, the mobile phone maker that joined Ixigo early this year. More specifically, in the area of cab applications, the upcoming introduction of an Intercity cabroduct, built on the underlying technologies and equipment Ixigo purchased in August of this year when it purchased Rutogo, is a more tangible evolution.

"We have seen that we have people commuting who use our train and bus applications to make reservations, and we think Intercity cabs are a useful one. Streets are much better nowadays and for some journeys of about 300 km, where the train is fast, there is no big differences in terms of speed or costs if the cab can be divided.

Micromax's investments were also the beginning of a relationship that will help to create a major ramp-up for Ixigo's portable subscribers, with Bajpai estimating 90 million in the fiscal year under review versus 50 million last year. In India there are currently two major emerging issues - the "mobile web versus application debate" and the development of the trademarked on-line budgetary housing aggregation area.

"And now that Google allows deeper linking in applications, it's important to keep working with them," he points to a relatively new step by Google that will index applications in your results, plus the Add Now icon so they can be directly down-loaded. At Ixigo, we have special applications for taxis, train and hotel, travels, coaches and a Big Data-based PNR-status-app for railway waiting list items.

However, the applications are not "standalone" and there are many cross-sell variations. "We know that someone in a platoon is half an hours away from their destination, so we are sending them a notification if they want a taxi when they get to the railway depot and connect to Ixigo Cabs. One of the keys to the budgeting process is cross-selling across the app portfolios - building the budgeting assets, which includes sales agreements with brand owners Oyo, Zo and the many and diverse newcomers.

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