How to get a Private Hire Driver's Licence

What do I do to get a private driver's license?

Driving licences for private hire | Winchester City Council It is necessary to have a licence before a passenger can take a cab. The term hackney carrier is used to describe a type of license that can be hired from an authorized cab stand and is marked on the road. Drivers must convince the Council, before a licence is issued, that: they are a suitable individual to possess a licence; they are physically competent; they are 21 years old;

they are in possession of a full licence (not a temporary licence), issued to the licence holder in accordance with Part III of the 1972 Road Traffic Act, entitling the licence holder to operate a road transport service at least 12 consecutive years before the date of the licence request; they have sufficient evidence of familiarity with the area; new licence holders must have passed a Blue Lamp Trust test.

For information on the Blue Lamp Trust please visit uk and click on "Driver Training", "Business Driver Training ", "Taxi Driver Assessments". Any new and current chauffeurs needed to obtain a disclosure and revocation service audit of personnel audits via the following link: As soon as the rider has obtained his disclosure and revocation service certification, he must submit it to the Approval Department.

In the event that a rider is not able to request his disclosure and revocation certification via the on-line services on-line, please call the license team on 01962 848 188. To make an appointement with a license holder who will initiate the recruitment procedure, please get in touch with the license bureau using the below mentioned contacts.

Once the application has been submitted to the Approval Authority, you will be asked to fill out a request so that we can search the DBS for documents against you. They will also ask you to fill out a CVLA to make sure that the driver's license you are issuing is the most up-to-date and that there are no traffic fines on your license.

Remember that when you are asked to describe a particular itinerary, it must be the shorter rather than the highway. Do you need to designate a missed street that follows the shorter distance within Winchester, e.g. which street is missed on the shorter distance when you drive from Broadway to Simonds Court?

Broadway, High Street, Eastgate Street, Friarsgate, Upper Brook Street, und St George's Street, Jewry Street, ______, Worthy Street, Russell Street, Chaundler Street. You must name the street where certain properties are located, e.g. What street is Winchester Police Station if you are going the shorter distance from Winchester Kebab House to Thurmond Crescent?

Recognize missed streets of nearby itineraries - beginning at Winchester railway stations, you need to recognize the missed street that follows the quickest itinerary to a target in the Winchester area, e.g. Which street is missed on the quickest itinerary when travelling from Winchester Railway station to West Meon?

Street, Station Hill, City Rd, North Walls, Union Street, Eastgate Street, High Street, Bridge St, Magdalen Hill, Alresford Rd, A31 Petersfield Rd, A272, South Downs Way, Wheely Down Rd, ______, Church Lane, West Meon. Locate your building - you need to be able to locate the streets where certain building is situated, e.g. which street is Twyford Surgery on?

Find the right way - you need to find the quickest way between two mentioned locations, e.g. the quickest way from Peter Symonds College to Royal Hampshire County Hospital? At the end of the tour (for the city center, Littleton and Kings Worthy), at Winchester railway terminal, you must find the street in the city where you would be arriving if you followed a described tour, e.g.

When you begin a trip at Winchester Railway Base and continue along the itinerary, what is the goal? Stop Road, Gladstone Street, Sussex Street, Romsey Road, St James' Lane, St Cross Road, St Swithun Street, Symonds Street, Great Minster Street, und biegen Sie rechts ab ? From Winchester railwaystation you will need to locate the area of the county where you would be arriving if you were to take a described itinerary, e.g. Which town will you reach when you begin a trip at Winchester railwaystation and take the route:

Gladstone Street, Sussex Street, Andover Road, Andover Road North, Christmas Hill, Downs Road, Wrights Close, erste links ? You must be aware of the latest Council Policies and Terms of Licence as well as the applicable laws for taxi charges, e.g. What is the statutory threshold for tire profile deepness?

They must have extensive familiarity with the streets and premises in the Winchester area (including the city center, Littleton and Kings Worthy and the area around them) to which a client may ask you to take them. Typical building projects include church complexes, colleges, wedding locations, meeting rooms, public houses, historical sites, etc.

Please find below a copy of the latest policies and license terms and a copy of the local government card. It is necessary to have your own licence when taking the exam, as you will need it as your identity card and can login to the exam. After successfully passing the test of your skills and meeting all the requirements for a driver's license, you will need to take a test of your skills with a licensee to convince the council that you are a skilled rider and that you have the city at your disposal while you drive.

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