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Best way to buy a plane ticket is to go to Travel Deal Tuesday. When you are considering purchasing an airline ticket for an impending journey soon, this Tuesday might be the ideal purchase year. Hopper recently reviewed the historic costs of airline ticketing and found that the best date to buy an airline ticket is probably Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Hopper research has shown that airline companies are offering large rebates on Tuesday departures, as most travellers have already reserved their vacation fares but have not yet begun to plan their stay indoors. Hopper says last year that it has seen more than twice as much of the regular ticket sales on Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which it calls "Travel Deal Tuesday".

By 2015 the sales volume of the ticket price had risen to 6 times the standard price. In order to get the best offer, Hopper suggests using his application (natch), especially the Flex Watch function. If Hopper finds a dealer, it will email you a buy notice informing you that it is buying momentum. Though you can certainly only do a good old air travel quest and find the same offers.

Until when it is anticipated that that will happens, Hopper says the deals will begin to roll up at 6:30am ET on Tuesday and reach their peak at 9:30am ET. On the basis of his research, some of the rates Hooper is expecting for Tuesday are listed below:

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