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Activities and presentations for the day will take place at the Horizon Airlines Flight Operations Center: I' m gonna retire Peedee: Portland's most popular fame The Portland International Airport rug is the best kind of prominence - it's always there for images, supporting the communities and never getting into a ruckus. The PDX rug is going into retirement after almost 30 years and Portlanders appreciate every minute until the last leg of the rug is hoisted at the end of this year.

It has been an iconic Portland rug since the eighties and will retire by the end of the year. As a reaction, more than 40,000 "feet Selfies" were published on Instagram, locals designed carpets and Portlanders, enthusiastic about carpets, had the design inked. Having spent her whole lifetime living and working in Portland, Johnston says she has seen the PDX rug at first hand.

As the new rug was rolling in, Johnston recalls the folks who ran to him to make a new footstep with the hash tag #newPDXcarpet. Admittedly Johnston had taken a toe of Self-ie with the PDX rug, but hadn't taken a new one. Currently only parts of the aerodrome accommodate the new rug.

Alaska' s check-in desks and gate are designed, but the old rug is still in Concourse A, where Alaska's local air services take place. The builders take off parts of the rug every weekend, but most travellers will never see it because they usually work at nights, so nobody is bothered.

This year, 9 million passengers traveled through PDX and across the rug - an all-time high. 30 years in the service of travellers, the rug had to be changed. Disused parts of the rug can be found in building areas near check-in desks. Lower and other Oregon locals can be happy: While the blue-green rug may not be included in PDX at the end of the year, it will find several new places to be at home.

Four 1,000 square metre lengths of carpeting were given away by the airports and offered for sale by four suppliers: Teppichfabrikenauslass, Nagl flooring, two hounds in one boat and city planner. "A new PDX rug featuring goingogly eye and safety belt waistband, Peedee" appeared this year as Portland's latest notable.

Peedee has been appointed Honorary Grand Marshall of the Starlight Parade 2015 by the Portland Rose Festival Foundation. Meanwhile, the rug, available in blues, reds and lavenders, was created to symbolise the airport's crossing north-south routes from the PDX checkpoint. It was also featured in the Half March of Rock n' Roll Portland in May, where the icon style was crossed the finishing line.

It was the obsession of Porsche with their rug that gave him a second lease of life. What a great job! Although the PDX officials found that the rug was too old and needed replacing, it will still remain in community service outlets and fan houses. Do you have a great PDX rug Self-ie?

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