How much is it to Charter a Helicopter

What does it cost to charter a helicopter?

We' ll let you know as soon as possible if the weather is unsafe. If the weather is not good, what if it is? Chartering helicopters and aviation in general is statistically very secure; far more secure than traveling. Proud of our ability to provide our customers with the highest level of security.

Don't sweat it. You won't be burdened. We' ll let you know as soon as possible if the conditions are uncertain. Where possible, early departures, delayed departures and rescheduling are offered.

In case the option does not work for you, we will void your helicopter charter free of cost. The helicopter model is fitted with warmth so that you are comfortable and warmed. Occasionally we can even end up on your own home if it is secure and in order with the surrounding area. Be punctual, please.

There will be extra costs, or for delayed clients a full charter fee will be added to the total charter fee. A heliport is like no helicopter park zone. No charge will be made for cancelations made 48 hrs in advance of your scheduled sailing date. If you cancel within 48 hrs before your scheduled date of arrival, or if you fail to show up, 50% to 100% of the airfare will be used.

You will not be burdened in the case of uncertain wheather or an official fly restrictions which forbids us to fly. What makes night flights more expensive? What makes you calculate half the costs of your competitor? Three or four passenger capacity is available for our helicopter models and six passenger capacity for most of our competing helidecks.

Reducing the size of your helicopter means lower costs for you. When there are only one or two passenger, a bigger helicopter is a big drain of cash, and the security standard is not higher. What kind of luggage can you have? If there are four people, our luggage compartment can hold up to five small pieces of hand luggage or several small pieces of hold luggage.

Robinson Helicopter manufacturers prohibit more than 300 lbs per seated passenger for security purposes. Consequently, the Federal Aviation Administration stipulates that we do not transport anyone over 300lb. The Federal Aviation Administration requires for security purposes that we check your weight(s) and your luggage as well.

We' ll check to see if the helicopter is within secure operating limitations. Your helicopter is green? Yes, our choppers are green.

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