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The Spectrum Business Management App is for users of the Spectrum Business Solution from Microbrain. Established in , Spectrum is a full-service lead-generation company with a focus in review management. With our review management software you can automate your reviews.

Spektrum - Business Software

Spectrum Release 4 B1 4-01-028 Update 13.02.2018. Spectrum Release 4 Bet a 4-03-036 Update 15/09/2018. Spectrum Release 4 B1 4-04-039 Updates 27/09/2018. ATTENTION: In this release the dongle (USB Safety Device) test system has been modified. Spectra Enable 4-04-039 Setup Date 09/27/2018. Spectrum Release 3 Setup 3-06-016 Last update 02/03/2017. Enterprise-Edition Spectrum 4-01-028 Setup Date 17/02/2018.

ATTENTION: In this release the dongle (USB Safety Device) test system has been modified. <font color="#ffff00">Spectrum Enterprise Edition 4-04-036 Setup Date 13/08/2018. ATTENTION: In this release the dongle (USB Safety Device) test system has been modified. <font color="#ffff00">Spectrum Enterprise Edition 4-04-039 Setup Date 27/09/2018.

Business Management Software (free version) Downloads for PCs

The Spectrum Business Management Software can be downloaded free of charge from our software libary. MICROBRAIN Computers Pvt. Ltd. developed this software first. Our programme is in the area of business tools, more specifically finance. The Spectrum is a business management software package that integrates with accounting, warehousing, sales and order management, production and dealer debt, payroll, and easy installation and implementation software components.

Spectrum's report generation is very useful for meeting the needs of various ministries such as income tax, sales tax, excise tax and also management. Perhaps you would like to try more software, such as Advanced Business Manager, Express Project Management Software or Donation Management Software, which might be related to Spectrum Business Management Software.

Dexter + Chaney Web-based Construction Management Software

The Spectrum company supplies the full operational management for small and large building contractors. Spectrum has supported tens of thousands of customers in managing and expanding their contractors, from building bookkeeping to management, from offices to sites and throughout the lifecycle of work. More than three decennia of continual innovations and investments in the latest technology have resulted in Spectrum Design Software.

We' ve done more than just put Spectrum in the clamp - it's specifically built for the clamp, with a GUI that lets you work from virtually any attached appliance, anywhere, at any time, just by starting a webbrowser. The Spectrum offers the comfort of real life clamped computing. The Spectrum experience gives Spectrum customers the comfort of the clamp while maintaining full visibility into information protection and operator intrusion.

It is not simple to run a successfull building business. That' s why we made Spectrum building software as user-friendly as possible - so you can waste your valuable resources managing the business instead of finding out how to run it. The Spectrum building management software does not provide complicated menu commands that need to be mastered and memorized.

Begin with the Spectrum Dashboard, an easy-to-use dashboard that you can customise to your needs, and immerse yourself in detail information and the work you need to do. Spectrum apps work together smoothly. Rather than opening several different apps to complete a task, just launch the work and Spectrum gives you several ways to get ahead with a click, either via the InfoBar or via direct hyperlinks from your files.

The Spectrum user interface's web-based architecture opens new work folders as you launch new jobs. If you want to continue where you stopped with earlier assignments, just click the desired page. The Spectrum is the first design software to offer fully embedded web-based documentation management. No matter where the work leads you, related files or pictures are available through an area on the Spectrum table.

Creating a new photo or dokument is as simple as drag and drop the files into the area. Spectrum Dashboard is an information platform for everyone in your organization - not just Spectrum licensees. The dashboard of each individual can be adapted to the task at hand using an app. The Spectrum application and portable app are fully embedded, giving you a comprehensive overview of your work.

At Spectrum we also help make sure that everyone you work with - owner, architect, subcontractor, supplier - has the latest information at their fingertips. Spectrum's Projectmanagement Plan Room provides you with a cloud-based collaboration tool to split your document, submit, receive und trace communication, and manage an auditing trace of all your projects activities and correspondences.

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