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Clause 11 Charter Communication

Spectrum 11 Charter Communication I just got my credit in existence I have never had a credit score, and today I find out they have a collection on my credit and funny there is no number to put it on my credit report. Commerce 11 Rd # 0, Newtown, CT 06470, USA. Wrong fees on my loan information 04 December 2016

Recently I relocated to another state and shut down my charter bankroll. Calling to make sure I had settled the closing bill I had gotten at my new home because I was worried that I had forgot and couldn't find it due to the hassle of the move. She asked me how this was possible and she let me know that it was for the bank that I had shut down in 2011.

Closing this bankroll, I recall that I had to travel 40 mins to her Janesville WI offices as it was the next one that could drop off my gear and pay my closing bill. After that I didn't hear anything anymore and had even opened the second bank at the same adress a few years later.

Your computer shows the date on which I delivered my gear, but no pay for that date. and years later I don't have my receipts anymore. That' s how it looks, as if the person who worked at the bar in his Janesville WI offices in 2011 had taken my purse!

In my opinion it is very odd that I was able to resume the services with them without any trouble and without mentioning the amount of cash they now say I have. The auditor share the knowledge about issues with payments and would like this company to provide all possible solutions to the situation as the writer has $175 loss.

On the whole, the writer is unhappy with Charter Communications. Being most disappointed about charter communications Kabel TV services from Charter Communications was losing records of my last pay reviewers wanting to achieve client outreach to him or her as quickly as possible for further discussions on this issue. You can also read more about Charter Communications.

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