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Cirrus is the only certified aircraft with this unique safety function. Learn more about Hopscotch Air, find and apply for jobs that match your skills, and connect with people to advance your career. The Hopscotch Air is a transformative air taxi service that offers private aviation at affordable prices.

Wherever we go - Hopscotch Air

The Hopscotch Air launches services from San Diego, California. Privately operated air services are available throughout the Northeast, Central Atlantic, Ontario, Quebec and now South California. There are many small and large airport services in Cape Cod, Block Island, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Long Island, New York City, Rochester, Buffalo, Virginia Beach, Philadelphia, New Jersey and many more.

The Hopscotch Air is an airline certified in the USA and Canada. Whilst we can serve any aerodrome used by airline companies, many smaller General Airline aerodromes can be nearer to your home and endpoint. This all means less loss of your street life, less flying around the country gate and more home commute.

Make your call today to reserve your individual destinations for any North East or Canadian airports.

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Now Hopscotch Air has a regular airline operating directly between Deerfield Valley Airport (4V8) and Westchester County Airport (HPN) in White Plains, NY or Republic Airport (FRG) in Farmingdale, Long Island, NY. Regular services every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Cirrus SR22 airplanes feature the latest technologies, luxurious ergonomically designed seats, XM satellites, Bose nose canceling headset - and the only ever contingency chute layout.

Have a free courteous shuttles between the club and the airports.

Cirrus Hopscotch SR-22 Air Taxi Service

However, in the (mostly) streamlined commercial realm, I don't believe that there really are accidents. Guides from both firms realized that a shifting economy of travel, safety protocol, aviation technology, demography, population density and distribution, traffic jams and lifestyle in the first decade ofthe twenty-first centuries would cause major changes in the way Americans traveled, particularly when traveling less than 750 mph.

We have both developed very similar businesses that differ only in the way we do them. For example, we have used a new type of aviation called the Very LightJet to meet the deserted demands of corporate travellers who have to travel to and from such communities.

The country's first succesful on-demand air taxis have been developed. At a cost which competes with that which would be paid by passengers on ordinary flights to or from the same medium-sized and small city. The Hopscotch Air answer is surprisingly similar. Instead of flying a Very Light Jet, Hopscotch decided on the Cirrus SR22, the surest reciprocating jet ever made.

Consequently, the performance spectrum of Hopscotch is smaller than ours. The Hopscotch is mainly concentrated in the vast area within 250-300 New York City kilometers. Due to soil overload in this area, which can transform relatively small 150-mile diskettes into four- and five-hour slogans, Hopscotch's less costly and less costly to own and run RS22s have become a sensible and affordably priced trip choice for such journeys.

On the other hand, Hopscotch's amazing SR22s do not have the reach and performance to operate the slightly longer distances that our Eclipse jets can handle cost-effectively and effectively.

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