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Magical data for low prices for flights in spring and autumn

Time is everything, especially when it comes to reducing the price of holiday flights. And the best way to do this is to create a route that allows you to travel early in the seasons or later. You can save money if you can prevent the high point of the winter from 23 June to 27 August.

The rates were found at the end of last weeks in the FareCompare compare utility; as always, rates may be subject to changes without prior notification. 22 June is the last date for lower rates before the end of the year ( but one or two days more or less according to where you are staying and where you are going). Thus, June is generally less expensive than July, and here is an example of a few non-stop Boston to Orlando flights:

  • June 15 to 18: $183. - July 6-9: $205. Non-stop services, round trips between Denver and New York: - June 14 to 18: $202. - July 16: $233. Savings: $31. That may not seem much, but if you travel as a four-person household, it will add up. Last-minute purchases seldom bring business in the peak summers.

There' s another good moment for a lower cost flight. August 28th marks the beginning of the cheap autumnsaison. Let's look at the cost saving potentials of non-stop services between Kansas City and New York: - July 21st to 28th: $344. We' ve kept the best for last: a journey from Washington, D.C., to London, round trip:

  • Fly from July 21st to July 28th, $1,142. - Fly Sept. 8-15: $557. Savings: $605. You could buy two autumn passes at the cost of a lone season ticket and still have almost $30 over. Keeping these hints in the back of your head when looking for offers for the summers. - Not all rates will be lower in June and September:

Occasionally, an air carrier adds temporary departures that can lower prices in the summers. Try out low rates by using a utility that calculates low rates by months or seasons; my site has one, but there are many others out there. - Always check the rates: That means that you look at a ticket office, but also check with Southwest, which does not exchange its ticket number.

  • If you have to go when prices are high: Think about travelling with a little less convenience, such as connection instead of non-stop travel (most are less expensive, but not all, so you need to check). Join Rick (@rickseaney) and never pay too much for the flight again.
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