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Invoice Ola Cab Sample

Like Ola Cab Bill. Oh, Ola Kaali Peeli Peeli FAQs about our Kaali Peelli Service: Booking the legendary Mumbai White and Blue taxis directly from your phone with the Ola Mobil application. Do I see a Kaali Icon in my apartment? Kaali Peelli? What is he?

The Kaali Peelli is the latest Ola booking solution that allows you to make a booking for a Mumbai based Kaali airport cab with just one click!

It' like reserving another Ola vehicle. I can' meet RIDE LATER or make a reservation in time. The Kaali Peeli is only available for immediate reservations. Is it possible to order a Kaali Peeli via the Call Center / website? At the moment the Ola App is the only available version.

Are the Kaali Peeli going to come and collect me from my site? We will find the closest Kaali Peeli for you and the drivers will be informed about your whereabouts. Drivers can call you to verify your pick-up point and collect you right outside your door! Do I have to owe an additional fee for this one?

For you, this is a free of charge option. Payment in kind according to the counter. Would I receive an account for my trip? It'?s just an apartment reservation thing. At the moment we do not offer any accounting or settlement on Kaali Peelis. Could I follow my journey?

Kaali Peelis also supports all standard functions of the application! What can I do if I have problems with the rider? The Kaali Peeli is a pure reservation system available in the Ola application. Please clarify all questions about the journey with the drivers themselves.

The Ola Development Platforms

If you' re traveling, Ola Outstation is here to take good care of your needs." Currently you can select between Mini, Prime, Prime, Prime Play, Lux or SUV depending on your travelling needs. Pick-up mode that is sent as LATE if a reservation is necessary at a particular point in and from. When the recording mode is sent NOW, the pick-up delay is not taken into account.

When the pick-up mode is sent as NOW, but Drive Now is not activated for that place, the answer would still be the same as when made later. 6.6394&category=outstation&pickup_time=1519820610&pickup_mode=NOW&drop_time=1519820910" "hotspot_zone": "is_hotpot_zone":, "desc": "Choose from comfortable pick-up points to get into your cab. "External station", "Display name": "External station", "Currency": "INR", "Distance unit": "Kilometer", "Time unit": "Minute", "eta":, "Distance": "0.

all_cabins" : "lat" :, "lng" :, "bearing" :, "accuracy" :, "id" : "ef796a2e62", "cancellation_policy" : "cancellation_charge" : :, "currency" : "INR", "cancellation_charge_applies_after_time" :, "time_unit" : "minutes", "select_applicable" :, "sub_categories" : "id" : "compact", "display_name" : "Mini", "currency" : "INR", "distance_unit" : "kilometer", "time_unit" : "minute", "eta" :, "fare_brebrebreakup" : "type" : "one_way", "distance_unit" :

"kilometres", "time unit": "hour", "base price":, "minimum distance":, "minimum time":, "minimum time":, "price per distance":, "time premium_per_extra_time":, "day money":, "day money":, "night money":, "night money_starting time":, "23: 00", "Night surcharge_final time" : "6:00", "Type" : "Two-way", "Distance unit" : "Kilometer", "Time unit" : "Hour", "Minimum travel time" :, "Threshold_time" :, "Preinclusive_distance_per_time" :, "Post_inclusive_distance_per_time":

"4", "ride_estimate" : "one_way" : "sub_categories" : "category" : "Mini", "distance_unit" : "kilometer", "time_unit" : "hour", "minimum_distance" :, "two_way" : "sub_categories" : "category" : "min", "distance unit": "kilometer", "time unit": "hour", "minimum distance":, "base price":, "extra distance":, "extra distance":, "extra distance":, "extra distance":, "No_of_days" :, "Day_allowance_charge" :, "No_of_nights" :

cancellation_fees" : "Body" : "Type" : "two_ways", "Pickup_Lat" :, "Pickup_lng" :, "Pickup_lng" :, "drop_lat" :, "drop_lng" :, "Pickup_mode" : "LATER", "Category" : "Outstation", "Sub_Category" : "Prime", "Pickup_time" : "drop_time ": ", "booking_timeout":, "booking_timeout_unit": "SECONDS" "status": "SUCCESS", "booking_id": "CRN112312309", "message": "Your reservation (CRN112312309) is valid for today, 20:00 hours.

You will be informed of your travel dates 1 hours before the pick-up. "The following is a description of the "6a612121212f12f12ff12f12f12f1f12f1f1f12f12f8c", "Content-Type": "application/json" "status": "SUCCESS", "request_type": "BOOKING_CANCEL", "header": "Booking Cancelled", "text": "Your entry with entry 00000000000 has been successfully canceled. To track an OU reservation, please read the Cab River Track Documentation.

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