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Second-hand private jet

Locate jets, turboprop and single engine aircraft sold by brokers, dealers and individuals worldwide. What is the best way to buy a used jet at a reasonable cost? In spite of a long flourishing equity markets, the used private jet segment continues to be adversely affected. Aircraft retailer Colibri Aircraft reported that the mean offer prices for six different private jet models fell by 35% between 2014 and 2017 as a result of an increase in aircraft sales from 345 to 391 trading day. Nick Popovich warned that "people who don't know a plane and don't employ a pro to lead them through the trial can hold a weapon to their heads.

Mr. popovich is a long-time aeroplane holder, carrier and executive who has established a flourishing aeroplane recessions company named Sage-Popovich. It has seen many beginners fall and have had to spend billions of bucks choosing the right plane, making the right money assumption, relying on a dubious real estate agent or leaving all plane managment choices to their pilot.

However, he warned against brokerage firms telling purchasers that they could make cash by renting the plane if they did not use it for personal purposes. "You' re never gonna buy that plane with the thought that you're gonna make a living renting it. And the best thing you'll ever do is compensate for your overheads (insurance, renting a hang-glider, pilots' salaries)," says Popovich.

Popovich went on a hunt two years ago for a used large cab jet, a Bombardier Challenger 601-3A/ER, after finding that, in seat, capability and reach, it best matched his company's missions and best matched his stylistic preference. "Take a look at a three to five year service life and find out what these cost are and see what you need to spend on the aircraft.

They really need to do a repair project and a budgeting and see if that's something they can really afford to do," says Popovich. Reservation: All figures are based on the assumption that nothing big will go awry with the plane. When you can get by with the numbers, let your brokers or managers find the right plane for you, examine it visual, review the logbooks for matches and abnormalities, and search the Federal Aviation Administration's records base for titles and loss history.

When everything is in order, make a Memorandum of Understanding, place the down payment in a trust account and take the airplane to an FAA-approved service facility for service. Usually, the purchaser pays all transportation and service charges for the airplane to the service facility, with the latter between $35,000 and $50,000 for a Challenger 601-sized airplane.

Meanwhile, the vendor will either pay for the rectification of identified deficiencies that are deemed proper for the air - such as airplane rust - or deduct the cost of making corrections from the previously negotiated sales consideration. Popovich says most planes are well serviced, so the value of bargaining hardly ever surpasses 2% to 5% of the sale value. As soon as everything has been clarified and all necessary reparations have been carried out or conditions for reparation have been arranged, the transaction is concluded in trust.

For beginners, Papovich advises to commission an airline to manage at least their first plane. You should elucidate the procedure so that the proprietor or his employees can finally take over these responsibilities. Mr. Papovich also proposes to employ his own technician for $75,000 to $100,000 (annually, with benefits) to perform everyday objects and smaller inspection and replace you when the plane receives larger repair.

He is a big supporter of one-hour schedules for maintaining engines and aviation electronics published by power plant builders such as Rolls-Royce and Honeywell, aviation electronics builders such as Rockwell Collins and independents such as Jet Support Services, all of which help cut costs and get your aircraft back in the sky quicker if something goes wrong. "The purchase of turbine-powered gear is very complex," says Popovich, "but the ownership need not be burdensome if you get the right advise.

Finding, inspecting and finalising the Challenger deals in 60 workingdays, he underscored why this is the best moment to buy a second-hand plane - if you exercise your due care. Mark Huber inspects aircrafts for Business Jet Traveler.

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