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About is not a taxi company/service provider. About is a company that provides a technological platform to request on-demand services in real time from a smartphone. About the App Store About is a riding sharing application for quick, dependable trips in just a few moments, 24 hours a day. Every time. You don't have to parking or waiting for a taxi or a coach.

Uber lets you simply guess a carpool, and it's simple to make payments with loans or money in selected towns. No matter if you drive to the aerodrome or across the city, there is a Uber for every event.

Available in more than 500 locations around the world, just click here to get the latest version and make your first journey today. The requirement of your Uber is simple - that's how it works: - With the app, your drivers know where they can collect you. - When you are done driving, you can evaluate your rider and give us your opinion to enhance the driving experiences.

The Uber application will be updated as often as possible to make it quicker and more dependable for you. It'?s your feed-back that keeps the Uber motor going. In the Uber application, type Help or go to help.uber.com. and I have two major medical conditions. Your first problem is that you need to find out your own system because the number of instances I've had to give directions on how to get where I'm going because the system isn't working is crazy for service and has been there as long as it is.

Secondly, my appeal relates directly to the tongues spoken by your riders. They should be able to give them the opportunity to choose a rider on the basis of the main tongue they use. This is why it is not right that I have to be exposed to a chauffeur who doesn't know my mother tongue and runs the risks of bringing me to work too late or having to leave somewhere else, and I have to go where I'm going because they can't hear where I'm going.

To be honest, I can't tell you how many cancellations I've had because the rider doesn't know English, won't pick up the telephone and won't be able to hear the text messaging I'm sending them to get where I really am. So, instead of allowing your racers to pick which song to play, which is frankly a dumb choice, how about giving your racers the chance to pick their main racers' languages?

Ensuring that the person who collected you spoke every one of the languages you spoke as your main one would be an immeasurable asset. Vendor Uber Technologies, Inc. Place This application can use your site even if it is not open, which can shorten your batteries.

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