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Bell Taxi Transportation Inc 1002 N Washington St, Junction City, KS 66441 Calling for a cab for a boyfriend who was spending the night in my home on a Friday night. Bell Taxi said to hold for 30 mins., so we were waiting. On calling back, the dispatchers were extreme impolite and said that the chauffeur was calling me (nobody did) and deciding not to come for my boyfriend because there was allegedly an altercation in the building (we saw a movie).

but we' d have to hold for an hours. Having argued with the woman for about 10 min, I was taken to the rider, who after an extremely hot discussion went down after only 2 min. Ask for the chauffeur PETE!!!!!!!.

Extremely professionally, safely, & also a great chauffeur The chauffeur The service was absolutely reasonable, but I did pay 16. Stopped by a motorway police after the rider had overtaken and crossed the officers. He drove on for about 5 mins before my man told him to stop.

but we were too behind schedule with the rider. So, I filed the report and asked for a reimbursement ($300 trip), but we were informed that they were not. I' m working at a reception office for a nearby Manhattan resort, so I use Manhattan taxi service all the time.

Waiting times are never as brief as they tell us, if they show it at all. However, the hardest part is how impolite theispatcher is. She' s not professional and she' s not polite every goddamn fucking second we call her. You' re just lying about how long to hold off. "I know it will take an hours and a half.

To see what the robbery was, I returned my call and was informed that someone had phoned and canceled my enquiry. I' d looked out the windows and I' d been waitin' for the whole lesson. He said the only thing we can do is go forward and the delay is about an hours.

There was a call around 1430 and it was said that they would be there soon. Half an hours later I phoned again and got the message that the rider was on duty and the place where they had me was less than half a kilometer away. Nevertheless, I was waiting another lesson before eventually loosing it and chasing a man in my party to get a shot of it.

They don't use their measuring equipment properly and tear off troops....

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