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Airplane private excursions

homepage CHEAP PING AND THRILLING FLIGHTS! Enjoy the magical atmosphere of flight in an "Open Cockpit Biplane"! From the 1930s, our vintage double decker retros have been conceived to be used by up to two adjacent travellers while enjoying the stunning scenery of Atlanta, Downtown Skyline, Stone Mountain, Lake Lanier, Ted Turner Field and more.

Don't forget to ask about our famous "You-Fly" options. Enjoy the thrill and unparalleled panoramic scenery only a chopper can give you as you explore Atlanta's beauty and history! Conceived for 3 people, each has their own windows viewing, which allows simple photography and filming. If you are looking for a more thrilling adventure, we have the opportunity to have the door taken off for each of our outings!

If you select this preference, please let us know in advance when you book your itinerary. Each of our departures can also be experienced at dusk for the ultimate adventure. Whatever plane you decide on, you will make a normal trip an extraordinary one.

Booking your sightseeing tour can be done on-line (it's so clever!) or simply call Karen at 740-380-2031.

Booking your sightseeing tour can be done on-line (it's so clever!) or simply call Karen at 740-380-2031. In the case of an on-line registration the data of the bank account will be deleted afterwards. In that case, you' ll be paying us immediately after the plane flies in hard cash. Really? No matter if it' done on-line or by Karen, it's better for you to make a payment in real time.

If you need to use a ticket during the trip, it's fine, but the airline will add a $5.00 charge. We have your plane and we have your back! Maybe we need to record a note from now on. HARRY PHINTS: 1. not to fight with unimaginably empty bellies and NEVER to fight with unimaginably full bellies: )

Plane Tours - Dallas and Fort Worth

Perhaps you have already read about our airplane trips in a variety of different magazines. Do you ever compare the price between an airplane trip and a chopper trip? As a rule, Dallas and Fort Worth chopper trips and chopper trips are twice as expensive as our airplane trips.

Are you booking either a 30 or 60 minutes introduction session in which you would like to take the aircraft or your own pilots on one of our itineraries? It is our policy to urge our customers to take part in every airplane trip we take, as this can be the basis for your own air training!

Do you need a flying concept? Go on a trip and get the airplane flying? Let us know in advance and a single traveller can travel the whole trip with us! Departure Addison Airfield, Fly by Galleria, over Highland Park, Top of Love Field, views of Las Colinas, Stemmons into downtown, American Airlines Center, Reunion Tower, roundabout through the city of Dallas, Fair Park, Cotton Bowl, White Rock Lake, SMU, North bound Central Expresssway, High Five l-75/LBJ 635, directly to Addison from Valley view!

The aircraft trip includes all the places that will be covered on the 30 minutes trip as well as: This trip will allow us to have a little more free space for a more individual outing. As soon as the part of the trip has taken us to Arlington, we head straight for the Dallas downtown skies. Starting from there we finish the trip as described in the 30-minute airplane ride!

Please check our prices with a DFW Helicoptertour for a similar trip! Just 30-minute plane rides. Valentine's date dates date aircraft trip take place date before/day from/day after the 14.2. Please let us know, we can bring a dozen bouquets of flowers or rose trees on your plane.

You can order your flower at the same moment as your plane is flying! Dallas Christmas Light Tour since 1991. Prices and itineraries are unchanged (as on the 30/60 minutes tours) and include additional nearby attractions such as Interlochen (60 minutes flight), Highland Park, Deer Field, etc.

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