Taxi Receipt Form

Taxi-receipt form

Nature of the expenses (e.g. taxi, about, goods). Need to create receipts for your taxi? A receipt with date, time and amount paid.

The medallion number/license number, collection and return locations and method of payment. VOUCHERS FOR THE FOLLOWING TRIP SCOURSES WERE ALSO AVAILABLE.

Information on GST/HST for taxi owners and professional passengers

Drivers who provide rateable carpooling on or after 1 July 2017 are considered to be taxi companies for GST/HST and must sign up for GST/HST and levy GST/HST on their tariffs in the same way as taxi companies. GST/HST registrants usually have to recover GST/HST for payments that they invoice for real estate and service deliveries subject to tax.

In the case of carriage of passengers by a taxi company or a professional rider, however, the duty is usually already covered by the tariff. You can find more information under Calculating the GST/HST contained in a Pay Scale. Registrants can usually apply for VAT credit (ITCs) to get back the GST/HST that have been or are due for your professional purchase such as fuel, auto repair and underwear.

You can find more information in the GST/HST Information Sheet GI-196 - GST/HST and Commercial Ride Share Services. In addition, you must fill out and submit the GST/HST declarations according to your report periods. If you fill in your GST/HST declaration, you must use the standard calculation of your net income taxes unless you tell us that you want to use the fast calculation option.

When you are a self-employed taxi rider or a business traveller providing rateable transport for people, you must sign up for a GST/HST accounts, whether or not you are a small provider. GST/HST is usually contained in the tariffs for a public transport offered by a taxi company or a professional cardholder.

Therefore, you may need to compute the amount of GST/HST contained in the tariffs. In order to find the amount of GST contained in your tariff, multiplied by 5 and dividing the score by 105. In order to find out the amount of HST contained in your tariff: See GST/HST Calculators (and Records) for more information on GST/HST records.

For the GST/HST, you can request an ITC that is either already prepaid or due for your commercial purchase, such as They cannot invoke an ITC for interest or cost of insurances as they are not covered by the GTC/HST. For most of your commercial transactions, you cannot invoke an ITC if you use the Fast Track Approach. It is possible that you can use the simplistic approach to loading an ITC.

See Calculating ICTs Using the Simple Approach for more information. If you are a taxi owner or a business passenger, you must charge your net VAT in order to submit your GST/HST declaration. You have two options for calculating your net income taxes - the standard and the fast methods. When you use the normal way, you add up the GST/HST you have calculated or recovered and subtract your ICTs from that amount.

When you have calculated or recovered more GST/HST than was actually received or due for payment for your store purchase, please return the balance to us. In the event that you have invoiced or recovered less GST/HST than was actually received or due, you may request a reimbursement. Another alternative is the simpler way of using ICTs, which can be used by most small companies.

See the section entitled Computing ICTs Using the Simple Approach. is another way of computing net income taxes. If your $400,000 or less (including GST/HST and unrated deliveries) total revenue subject to taxation annually, your employees included, for the last five business quarterly periods in four successive business quarterly periods.

You can find more information on net income taxes under Calculating Net Income taxes to fill out a GST/HST declaration.

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