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Having tried different services with bad results, I finally called Style and my rider was Mauricio. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Style Taxi in Atlanta, GA. Obtain instructions, ratings and information for Atlanta Taxi Style Transportation in Sandy Springs, GA.

style taxi 7740 Roswell Rd Ste 200, Atlanta, GA 30350 - Closed

Style transportation, focuses on delivering outstanding quality transport solutions to our customers with the highest level of service. We will do everything we can to fulfill your needs. Have a look around our website and if you have any comment or question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at (770) 522-8294 or

Badder taxi business EVERY time. Badder taxi business EVERY time. Don't use this feature. Drivers and the.... Drivers and dispatchers were impolite. You' re just a taxi business in my neighborhood that leaves after noon. When I arrived at Denver International when I came to the city. to Chamblee Railway station at 1a.

Drivers were too slow and looking drowsy. Thought I' d tell him his only 3. 5 mile away (less than $10). I' ve guessed to NEVER use this firm! Always I use style taxi when I..... Wow...that's all I have to I used this firm a few previous times...I had a couple of impolite taxi drivers...I had taxi drivers who made me give them the 2's supplement while others didn't even mention it..I even had a taxi operator who said I shouldn't tell him to go a particular route..I had a taxi operator (I think his name is Eric ?

The other driver cursed. anyonewho i was never really ANGRIFF at that firm until today... so i used their on-line reservation system. and i set the pickup schedule to "10:30" well my telephone was in the other room and i was willing, i had forgotten that i had put it on vibration alert. well i'm set 10 minutes before my planned pickup schedule.

so I go out to see if the taxi is taxi that's strange because usually the 15-20 b4 pickup times are I look up my telephone 2 missing telephone conversations, one at 10:15am, another at 10:17am...the same number I assume it was the taxi driver who called....

{\a6} (mind you it vibrates on..and i didn't heard it) but there was no cabin out i checked the options "Track you trip" and as for state i see, "crashed and cleared" so the driver didn't even wait 5 minutes.... I was worried to get to work on schedule... ' know that'they' had'cancelled' and'deleted' my reservation... I didn't even want to speak to the dispatchers at that point... so I phoned another taxi driver who couldn't get to me until 11... All in all I was 30 minutes too late to work because a rotten taxi driver couldn't get to the frontdoor. or I had to be at work at 11... so to get to work on schedule... know that'they' had'cancelled' and'deleted' my reservation... so I didn't even want to speak to the dispatchers at that point... so I phoned another taxi driver who couldn't get to me until 11... all in all I was 30 minutes too late to work because a rotten taxi driver couldn't get to the front door. or I had to be at work at 11.. so I was worried to get to work on schedule...

Calling Style Taxi about 45 min before my boy's Atlanta arrival, the man I talked to made sure he would make sure my boy was collected on schedule, unfortunately my son's North Carolina trip was late, and the trip phoned and kept in touch with my boy until his trip came in.

Before that, when I was telling the dispatcher about the late departure, he left and checked the amount of elapsed flying hours. Once my boy had arrived, he was promptly collected, and although after one and a half hours the package offered to me was the same.

When I rented this taxi shuttle I was a little worried because my sixteen year old boy had to come home directly from his plane. In all honesty I could say that both my boy and I were happy with Style Taxi and we will definitely re-use their facilities. My experiences with Style Taxi were very unsatisfactory and unsatisfactory.

Calling the firm and asking to be met by Publix at 8725 Roswell Road. Then the taxi drove in and while I was trying to put my little girl in the van, he began the counter. When we were about to move, counter 5 said. And I gave him the adress and he entered it into the G.P.S. and said the range was 27.

Eight leagues when I said it wasn't real, he acted as if he didn't listen and began to drive. When we arrived at my final destination, I paid $60 for a trip that costed me a total of $45. Because they' re cheaters.

That special rider was an older Spanish man who could only speak English to a certain extent. At the moment I cannot suggest this taxi to anybody. POOREST SUPPORT OF ALL TIMES! Poorest ever servic! More than $120 in all, just to have an old broken down cruise that picks us up from our guesthouse and takes us less than half a kilometer to our goal.

Included in the fare should be the pick-up, which I said to the rider to be there at 1am. And I know they were employed, but I gave the chauffeur a $20 tip and said he should be Johnny on the spot or make sure someone does. 1 o'clock in the morning came and no chauffeur was there and when I phoned his mobile he didn't want to get it.

When I asked for at least half of my fare to not go home, they turned me down, and the rest of the time they were going to take, they said. I' m gonna call my credential firm to deny that encumbrance. Don't use this business. She' s the only one who ever got the firm a badge.

She' s the best the firm can do for her. She was very kind, sympathetic and kind, even if she didn't tell me what I wanted to listen to, she at least spoke the true story. Well, I needed a pickup at 10:00. In the first overnight my chauffeur was on schedule (they sent him 30 min before my pick-up time).

and told me he was wasted. and I tipped him $2.50. for the second tonight, so I phoned her again. When I asked for the same rider, I thought: "Maybe this place is difficult to find, let me go with someone who knows how to get here.

There I needed him at ten o'clock, I phoned him at 9:57 to make sure he found his way (mind you, I phoned the taxi service at two o'clock in the morning to make my reservations for 10 p.m.). Thus he knew of his 22 o'clock pickup 8 hrs in advance.)

Says he's five mins away. Telling him that he remembered last night, reminds him again. I got what he deserved if he pick me up on schedule and I didn't miss my platoon. Became furious, shouted the bulls (I hit him) and because he is such an ass, he angered the bull by speaking about him.

I will never use this facility again. The taxi driver understands that you don't take care of anyone if you are comfortable. You' re picking them up at the exact hour they asked. If you choose to use this feature, tell him that you do not want the taxi driver whose telephone number ends with -7300.

As my taxi did not get there for thirty minute, I phoned the taxi back and said that it had not yet got there. At the other end of the telephone, the impolite man began with me when he said that the rider was outside and they had dialed my number several times and received nothing but a busy number.

When I started explaining that I hadn't used my telephone since I first phoned her, the impolite man bothered me with the words: "Can I do it? "That was the beginning of the end of me with Style Taxi. I will never use this facility again. Used Style Taxi to drive 9 mile from Dunwoody to Duluth and back later that evening.

Neither of the drivers knew how to finish both of them. And even if the GPRS was working, the rider would miss the trip and try to bill us for the additional mileage! I' ll NEVER use this shuttle again! style taxi used to be a fairly and reliable shuttle bus service. However, they were in recent years, when I used them, incidental, expensive, and just sneaky! For example: my boyfriend girls and I ran out of gasoline. It took over 20 min until the taxi arrived. When he eventually did, I asked if it would be possible to negotiate a Flat Rates to get us to the next filling place and back. He voted for $10.

I think was more than appropriate considering the location and distance (less than 4 mile round trip). I repeat.....the taxi driver reached an understanding on the Flatrate, although he muttered something about whether the counter would be under our arrangement, so we wouldn't overpay. When we got back to the car......the counter was at $17 and give me cash. My boyfriend gave the taxi driver $15 and thanked him for his work. He asked her for another $2 or he'd call the cops! What???

I' ve been an IT advisor for about 6 years, I have seen Style Taxi growing as a big private firm - they were an okay taxi firm from the start, but now that they have been updated to a new computer system, they never had a dilemma. You are always on schedule and this new system of payment cards is so quick and easy.

Thanks, Style Taxi, for making you a great taxi driver. Stylish Taxi has a great punctual delivery team. Today they even offered a marvelous last minute taxi after another firm (AAA Taxi) had not picked up six of them. Your arrival was fast and you offered an outstanding level of customer care!

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