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Florence Hurricane: Hundreds of flights delay, cancelled.

While Hurricane Florence is being imposed on the Carolinas, airline companies are warning of tens of millions of delayed or cancelled flights and giving travellers a waiver. By Wednesday at 16:45, 862 flights had been cancelled in the USA and 11,917 flights around the world had been late, as planned by the FlightAware real-time trace system.

In addition, 509 flights planned for Thursday were cancelled and all United flights to and from Myrtle Beach and Charlston were cancelled for Thursday and Friday. Raleigh-Durham International Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport are among the most heavily affected hub airports in Florence. The Charleston International Airport tweete ed that the take-off and landing strips would be shut at 23:50 on Wednesday and that they would stay shut "at least until Friday" because of the cyclone.

Several airlines have renounced to charge for flights that are supposed to pass the way of the thunderstorm. Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines are among the large airlines that have foregone fares for those travelling through the southeast next weekend. From Wednesday night Delta Air Lines has added 1,200 seating places through additional flights and enlarged planes on the way of the gale to bring passengers out of the area before Florence meets.

Donald Trump twittered early Wednesday mornings.

Airline companies cancelling flights from RDU before Hurricane Florence

South West Airlines has notified that it will cancel all flights from RDU International on Thursday and Friday. TSA control point in TSA one will be shut down. Alaska Airlines and Air Canada will also cancel flights from RDU on Thursday. Americans, border, JetBlue and United Airlines will have cancelled their flights before Hurricane Florence dispersed.

In essence, Delta and United are forecasting ordinary operation. Air traffic controllers advise you to contact your carrier before leaving for the area.

Expanding Primera Air's low-cost flights to Europe from the USA

Flights were operated from Boston, New York (JFK and EEA) and Washington, DC, with regular flights to Paris and London departing from $99 for a single one. Then, in August, it heralded flights from the USA to Brussels. There will be flights from the USA and Canada to Berlin, Frankfurt and Madrid.

You can book flights to these destinations from New York (EEA), Boston (BOS), Toronto (YYZ) and Montreal (YUL). The flights to each of the new towns begin at $149 for a one-way fare from New York and Boston. Toronto and Montreal are available from 199 Canadians.

As we continue to see strong growth in transit traffic, we look forward to extending our activities in New York, Boston, Toronto and Montreal to include major Europe cities in Berlin, Frankfurt and Madrid," said Anastasija Visnakova, Primera Air's CEO, in a declaration. Coming from New York, you can reach Madrid (from $149 one way), Berlin ($149), Frankfurt ($149), Brussels ($149), London ($99) and Paris ($99).

You can travel from Toronto to Madrid (CA$199), Berlin (CA$199), Frankfurt (CA$199), London (CA$199) and Paris (CA$199). From Boston it is Madrid ($149), Berlin ($149), Frankfurt ($149), Brussels ($149), London ($99) and Paris ($99). Washington, DC has flights to Brussels ($199) and London ($199). And finally Montreal flies to Frankfurt (CA$199) and Paris (CA$199).

As with any discounter, Primera also has traps (baggage fees, punctual arrivals, etc.), but it is difficult to say that there are cheaper flights to Europe.

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