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We' ll help you find and benchmark the best airfare, hotels and hire cars from thousands of airline companies, agencies and tour operators. We' ll help you find and benchmark the best airfare, hotels and hire cars from thousands of airline companies, agencies and tour operators. Our company uses advanced technologies to make searching for the cheapest airfare, hotels and hire cars fast and simple. With our wide selection of partner companies, low-cost offers and special offers, we are a perfect base for your research.

Established in the UK and introduced in the USA in May 2003, today more than 120 million visitors per year to our websites and applications worldwide use our proprietary research and development technologies to find, match and research our stock of 1000s of travel companions - from the smallest agencies to the largest carriers. Reviews/opinions please - Air Travel Forum

Hello, do you have a boyfriend who wants to make a reservation for a plane back to Sydney-Singapore? The majority of on-line agencies that have much lower fares than the airline's website may not display a real-time fare. Once you make the reservation, the agent will try to make the reservation with the carrier. This is the first issue often encountered by on-line agencies.

And the second is that you are not a customer of the carrier. Are you a customer of the agency? When there is a trouble, modification or malfunction with the airplane and you ask the carrier for help, they will tell you to call the agents. There is a contractual relationship between the carrier and the agents, and then there is a contractual relationship between you and the agents.

So, if you need to make a difference, or again if there is a difference or interruption in the air, you need to solve the problem with the agen. You' ll find that most of these on-line employees have horrible levels of client support. There' s a lot of nightmare about just about every on-line ticket agency that sells airfare.

I' ve always made bookings directly with the airline companies, but it's difficult not to be attracted by these cost reductions. My girlfriend had a third person reservation problems with her accommodation, but I also resorted to third persons and never had a problems ("Thank God!). Are these low-cost rates actually available and available?

What carrier is the plane with? Is it a full-service carrier or one like Scoot? I would stay on an air carrier website when making the reservation. The tariffs have sometimes been quite cheap lately. I just flew with Singapore airlines, returning Brisbane - Singapore for $655.06. Let them know that you want them to subscribe to e-mail notifications of air ticket sales on air carrier sites and receive a low rate when a ticket is sold.

Just don' not do - these boards have hundred thousand of sorry and sorrowful stories of folks being attracted to what is apparently "cheap" - third parties' websites, don't do!

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