Hong Kong Taxi Receipt

Hongkong Taxi Receipt

Can I live with it, but can they issue receipts? The passengers can request a machine-printed fare receipt. Get a cab to and from the border and ask for a receipt.

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I' m assuming cabs don't take charge of your car. Well, I can make do with it, but can they issue a receipt? There are only a few cabs that take payments by bank transfer, but they all issue a receipt. Virtually no taxi accepted credits or debit card. Request a receipt (important - before resetting the counter) and you will receive one.

On request, all taxi drivers must present a receipt. At the end of the editing time, writers can refresh their contributions by deleting and reformatting them. Due to lack of activity, this thread has been dropped for new postings. Hopefully you will participate in the discussion by writing on an open thread or new one.

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TCU Taxi Complaint Form

Complaints can also be forwarded to us via the following communication routes. Your data provided in Part II will be forwarded to the competent authority, which will include the law enforcement agency, for use. In Part I, your personally identifiable information will only be used to help us communicate with you in relation to the handling of your complaints and will not be shared with the appropriate government agencies without your permission.

We may not be able to deal with your complaints if they are not disclosed. They have the right to ask for entrance to or corrections of your person-related dates.

Information about the taxi service

As in other large towns, they can be welcomed on the streets, reserved by telephone, ordered by a conference caller or found at taxi ranks. Any taxi can transport four or five people. A crescent shaped panel shows the number of chairs in front of and behind a taxi.

The taxi company currently has over 18,000 vehicles: 15,250 of these are regular cabs, 50 are regular cabs and others are regular cabs. Every taxi is measured and riders are obliged to show their rider identification on the dashboard. They have three kinds of cabs. Rote taxi rides in city areas.

Those who choose to take a taxi instead of the MTR will find that most journeys are made with taxi in pink. There' re cabs in the New Territories. Only Lantau Island (except Discovery Bay) has black cabs. Taxi fares are based on the distances covered, plus any surcharges. In addition, it will vary according to the species of taxi.

Price for HK$20 taxi starting at HK$20 for the first twokm. All following 200 metres or every minutes of wait costs HK$1.5. If the amount is HK$72.5, all following 200 metres or 1 min are HK$1. The price for taxi cabs begins at HK$16.5 and includes the first two kilometres.

If the amount is HK$132, all following 200 metres or 1 min HK$1.2. Taxi riders are not required to give changes of HK$500 and HK$1,000 banknotes. - Be sure to ask for a receipt before you leave the taxi. This receipt shows the taxi number, the starting and ending times of the trip, the overall route travelled, the calculated route length and duration, the supplement and the overall price.

Drivers who say that the receiver is not working must present a handwritten receipt. This will help us trace the taxi in the event of a grievance. - Call one of the following numbers or fill out the taxi complaints forms if you have a taxi claim.

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