Private Hire Vehicle License

Vehicle license for private rental

About the private car rental license in Trafford. Hire Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Licences All cabs or private rental cars (minicabs) that want to run in the area of the Three Rivers District must be licenced by us....

Vehicle, driver and operator require special licenses. Note that it is very risky to get into an unregistered vehicle for a trip for which you are paying.

They cannot guaranty the vehicle or driver's security and the latter is not covered in the case of an incident. When a private rental car collects you without a reservation, it is also not covered by insurance and acts illegal. Approval is intended to safeguard general roadworthiness by verifying that motorists are in good condition and tidy and that the vehicle they are driving is secure, appropriate and dependable.

It may be necessary to obtain a licence for each vehicle and every rider that can be rented for the carriage of up to eight persons, except for a small number of exceptions. Most chauffeured rental automobiles, managerial rental automobiles, stretched sedans and small transportation vans must be licenced in excess of those used for general cab work.

No. A Hackneyriage is the only kind of license vehicle that can call itself a legal cab. Every Three Rivers District Council approved Hackney vehicle must have a rooftop "TAXI" label and a white-green number on the back of the vehicle and in the windshield.

Private rental cars can only be rented if the trip is booked in advance through a private landlord. Any private rental vehicle registered by Three Rivers District Council must have its rear and windshield numbered in either red, blue, white and/or blue. There are a number of companies that may come under the scope of the private rental vehicle category, which includes mini cabs, drivers, shuttles, auxiliary wagon hire operations and stretched limousines.

Either type of vehicle (hackney carriage and private rental) must have our own exhibited plastics panels on the back of the vehicle and smaller ones shown in the windshield. Outside signs in the form of squares are distributed to Hackney Carriages and should be attached securely to the vehicle's stern.

Greens and whites square exterior signs are distributed to private rental cars; these should also be attached securely to the back of the vehicle. A number of cars are exempt from display of the exterior private rental sign, this exception MUST be requested and approved by the approval authority before the sign can be taken off.

Information on signs and tagging is very important if you want to file a claim, as it is the best way to find a specific chauffeur or a specific vehicle. Every sign on a vehicle has its own number, as do the identity cards of the vehicle owners. Vehicle registration numbers also indicate the total number of persons registered in the vehicle, and this number should never be surpassed as it may cancel the vehicle policy for the trip.

In order to obtain either a Hackney Carriage or Private Car Rental License, please either by downloading the following form or by contacting us on 01923 776611 to obtain an enrolment package, or by picking up these form at the Council Office desk. At the time of submission of the proposal you are obliged to provide all the following documentation (original documentation is required):

Rolling stock must pass an official TÜV and conformity test every year, which not only checks their mechanic suitability but also the overall state of the vehicle. We expect our automobiles to be in very good shape, and our automobiles and our driver should be always neat and representative. As soon as the vehicle has been TÜV-tested and tested for conformity, the workshop forwards the conformity certification directly to the approval department.

A request is not processed until a vehicle has been handed over. The approval authorities shall conduct year-round vehicle and driver sampling to verify that they still meet these standards. After approval of the request, a license will be given to use the vehicle for up to 12 month as either private hire or a Hackney cargo.

There will also be a series of numberplates to be attached to the vehicle at all moments, unless an exception has been made. During the validity of the driving license, the licensee must notify us in written form of: any modification of his adress, any modification of the vehicle data (a charge must be paid for any modification of the vehicle's registration number, color, texture or capacity).

Licensees must inform us when they are selling the vehicle under license (the new owners are also obliged to request a new license in their own name). Selling or keeping the "registration plate" alone is not possible - it must be assigned to the new owners with the vehicle to which it refers.

Requests for extensions must be submitted at least five workingdays before the licence expires. Failure to submit an extension request before the end of the validity shall lead to the forfeiture of the certificate and the submission of a new one. Doing so may lead to the vehicle not being registered for a certain length of inactivity.

Cars can be regularly halted and checked by license officials or the law to make sure they are properly serviced and comply with both highway codes and our license terms. In the event that your registered vehicle is the subject of an incident that affects the vehicle's security, power or looks, you must notify us within 72hrs.

Q ) How long will it take for me to get my license and registration number? Q ) How do I know when to pick up my dish? Q ) Where can I pick up my dish? At Three Rivers District Council, your dish will be stored at the front desk. F ) I have misplaced my license number / hardcopy ID card.

Please be aware that if you have misplaced your license number, you will not be able to work as a registered vehicle until it has been superseded. Fill out a registration and payment request and we will issue part of your license again. To do so, please get in touch with the license staff as soon as possible.

Q ) I am reselling my registered vehicle, what should I do? If you have resold your vehicle to another licensee, they will need to complete a credit card transaction in order to register the driver's license in their name. They must certify in written that they have purchased the vehicle from you.

When you have resold your vehicle and do not wish to have your driver's license transferred, you must either submit your driver's license in written form by sending a note to the address below: Your hardcopy license plate and license plate number must be returned to Three Rivers DC. Q) I have purchased an already registered vehicle, what should I do?

In order to assign the license to you, you must fill out a request for assignment in your name. Former owners must certify in written that they have resold the vehicle to you. To request a registration sheet, please call 01923 776611 and talk to a member of the licensing team who will ensure that a sheet is sent to you or picked up at check-in.

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