Private Hire car License

Car Rental Private License

In order to operate your vehicle as a taxi or private rental vehicle (PHV), you must license it. Lots of private motorists who have not yet passed the license test because of the impending deadlines, Transport News & Top Stories

Around 5,300 private motorists have completed professional education but have not successfully completed the examination, so that they can be taken off the roads next month once a licence system comes into force. At least once a considerable number of the riders, or 3,800 of them, tried the test, but were not successful, while the other 1,500 did not register at all for the test.

A further 17,700 chauffeurs may have to stop offering chauffeur service after 30 June because they have not signed up for private driver education, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in a news statement published today. LTA said that some 42,900 chauffeurs were given the one-year license term, which ends this month, to perform chauffeur service - such as for Grab and the now non-existent Uber - while the new professional certification system was gradually introduced.

You had requested the new license before 1 July last year. LTA said that 19,900 riders had completed the 10 hours of professional education and successfully completed the exam. Driver and at least one Member of Parliament have suggested that the test for the new driving license should be carried out not only in English but also in other important official language.

"Providing a chauffeur services ensures that every driver comes into daily touch with a broad spectrum of commuteers. "Therefore, private car and cab owners need to be able to easily understand English in order to be able to efficiently interact with all commuteers - both Singaporeans and tourist. Riders also need to be able to understand English to be able to negotiate streets and structures whose main name is in English," she added.

LTA encourages riders who need help improving their English to enroll in the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications Workplace Literacy Programme or similar. Added that for those who need help with course contents, there are special courses offered by the Singapore Taxi Academy and ComfortDelGro Taxi Trainingscenters.

For those who will have to give up the chauffeur service next week, the LTA said they can turn to the Labour and Employability Institute or Workforce Singapore for help with work.

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