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Book a Round-The-World Award with Qantas points. I recently written about what I consider to be some of the best uses of Qantas points. The Oneworld Classic Flight Award, a circumnavigation of the world provided by Qantas Frequent Flyer, was the one I mention. There have been a number of people who have asked for more information about this salvation, so it is here. In the following categories, you can post this cashing for the following number of Qantas points:

It is possible to make a combined payment, but you will have to earn the number of points for the highest category on the route. Concerning the achievable grade, some advice: There' s so much rivalry on some of the itineraries that you will be considering, and it could be a better value to simply buy a number of mix-and-match economic value coupons from different carriers.

This is a better value, but keep in mind that some companies don't provide a Premier Airline, so you may be bogged down in certain sectors of the business but have to pay the Premier Airline for it. This is the spot, as I will explain below. While it would be great to travel around the world in First Division, only about half of oneworld's carriers provide First Division (Qantas, British Airways, American, JAL, Malaysia, Cathay Pacific and Qatar), limiting your ability to route.

Among these first class-operated carriers, American, Malaysia and Qatar only provide it on a few handfuls of itineraries. Seeing that our Businessclass redemption is really the spotlight in this salvation, I will focus on it. There' a very practical on-eworld Round-The-World scheduling utility that helps you find out which carriers are flying which itineraries, and the distance and timescales I would suggest when scheduling.

Recently she made the following booking (with the five greased stopovers), all in Busy-class for 280,000 Qantas points: The route had 13 sections and the range was about 33,000 mile, an excellent use of the Qantas points. They can have "land overlays" where you go your own way from one town to the next (by any means of transport) instead of taking it as part of your salvation (e.g. where you can go to Madrid, go to Barcelona and then continue from Barcelona).

Jennifer has a truly outstanding choice of some of the best one-world carrier - if possible I would definitely suggest flying to Qatar, JAL, Qantas, Cathay Pacific and Finnair in that order. It' always simpler to make your stop-overs in the towns of the one world hubs to prevent tracking back and waste of time. Overall charges, tax and petrol supplements differ widely according to your route and number of sector, but you should assume that you will have to make a minimum of AUD$1,200 per capita for a route such as the above, which increases up to AUD$2,000 per capita if the route involves British Airways and stays in London as above.

Here is why this is not the most beloved and widely used Qantas withdrawal. First, while some routes can be fully travelled on-line, the Qantas website does not display certain affiliate destinations and destinations and may not compute your full route exactly as you did it.

When you try to make this booking on-line, but the system thinks that you have violated any of the above mentioned regulations (either generously or restrictively), regardless of whether you think that you have done it or not, price setting will begin per stage, so far more than the 280,000 points will be needed. So for these reason most folks make this booking by telephone.

Whilst you can get an airline that knows exactly how to make this payment, you can probably guesswork that it will take a long process to make 16 bookings on several airlines, calculate all charges, tax and surcharge, and verify that you are within all the above mentioned regulations.

Use the ExpertFlyer and/or the Qantas website to verify the availability of your tickets, record them and then forward them to the airline operating your air service using airline and terminal code and number. Qantas owners have a better understanding of Geography and Earth Partner than the old loved ones at US Airways, but they realize that this is a very complex travel route.

As Jenny mentioned, every single times she went to the booking office she was offered various rates, tax and petrol supplements, so it's always a good idea to get a second view unless you're an utter frontrunner with numbers and ITA rate breakdown. Best timing to make this payment is as far in advance as possible, i.e. up to 12 month if your route involves Qantas travel.

Now, the issue this poses is that you are unlikely to make a 16-sector, five stopovers in just one or two weeks, which means your first few trips will be available well before your last one. Usually travelers make the first few bookings as they become available, and then call to include later bookings as they become available.

This can be done as often as you like, but keep in mind that there is a 5,000 Qantas point charge for each modification. It' really the only way to make sure you get exactly the flight you want, especially on challenging stretches such as the Trans-Pacific. I would definitely check if I had 300,000 Qantas points left to book.

This is a massive number of points in comparison to LifeMiles, but if you consider that a credit in Australian to European LifeMiles can be 280,000 points in Australian to European LifeMiles alone, you can also go for the picturesque itinerary instead! It is definitely a journey of a lifetime and would be perfect for a honeymoon or a big round anniversary where you can schedule more than a year in advance. Here are some of the best places to go.

Given the fact that Qantas Frequent Flyers is generally a cheap programme, if you are willing to skip through the tires and have a feeling for adventures, then this is a great use of Qantas points. You ever book a Qantas around the world of salvation?

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