Fractional Ownership Airplane

Factional Ownership Aircraft

Fractions are used to acquire a partial interest in an aircraft operated by an airline. Co-ownership distributes the cost and can increase your freedom to fly. Benefit from the advantages of aircraft ownership without the full cost. Although fractional ownership is less of an obligation than all aircraft ownership, owning a stake in an aircraft is still a significant obligation.

ReadyFlite - Ownership Program for Part Aircraft

Sporty's ReadyFlite Fractional Airport Ownership Program provides consumers, family, and business with hassle-free, easy and secure flight planning within the comfort and space of a Beechcraft King B200. Sporty's Fractional Ownership Program offers five 20% participations in a professional administered turn-key system to provide each and every Fractional Ownership Holder with an incomparable personal flight entertainment program for up to 100 flight hour or 65 day per year.

fractional ownership offers all the benefits of having your own plane without the expense of having an entire plane. Just get the comfort and liberty to own your own plane for a fraction ofthe price by dividing these prices with like-minded people. Proprietors can count on Sporty's competent leadership as well as our vast procurement, servicing and operational expertise.

Sporty's provides pilotservice, planning and servicing as well as specific offerings such as caterers, floor transport or other specific wishes during your trip. Programme functions: Both in terms of taxation and law, fractional ownership is similar to full ownership of an airplane, so buying one stock gives you all the economic advantages of buying investment goods.

Their cost is foreseeable and contains the following: One-off purchase charge - USD 400,000 per stock (resaleable). $2,500 per month per month per manager incorporates incidental operational expenses such as use of the flight instructor hanger, coverage, maintenance, cleanup and technical assistance. The $1,050 per hour service charge will cover immediate operational expenses such as fuels and oils as well as motor resets and ancillary expenses.

King Air B200 is a twin-engine pressurised turbo-prop corporate jet. The King Air is designed as an eight-passenger model with access to the on-board toilet and large luggage compartment from the cab. King Air cruises with almost 300 mbph and a cruising distance of more than 1,000 mile. King Air's versatility offers superior value and convenience that will please even the most discerning traveller.

Example excursions from Sporty's Clermont County Airport in Cincinnati (Eastgate):

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