Srilankan Airlines Flight information

Sri Lankan Airlines flight information

The flight information can be viewed on the day of arrival or departure. A code share flight is a flight that carries flight numbers from more than one airline. Search for the best prices and best deals on all flights offered by Srilankan Airlines. That we offer cheap international and national flights to and from PER?

Flight schedules for SriLankan Airlines modified as of morning

The SriLankan Airlines Group informs its esteemed clients that the departures and arrivals times of several departures at Bandaranaike International Airport(BIA) on Sunday 3 June 2018 have altered due to the start of an exploratory flight over the Indian Ocean by a regional land on that date. riLankan Airlines deplores any discomfort experienced by our esteemed clients due to a fact beyond the airlines reasonable sphere of influence.

Please consult your agency for further information or the SriLankan Call Centre 1979 of any telecommunications company. On Sunday 3 June (all schedules are local) the following changes have been made to the schedule: 1) UL318/19 on 03 June will be promoted. 00.35 06.55 07.55 09.00 2) UL306/7 on 03 June is brought forward.

00.01 06.40 07.40 09.00 00 00.45 05.50 06.50 08.40 4) UL314 on 03 June is sponsored. 06.30 5) UL302 on 03 June is preferred. 06.25 13.00 6) UL318 on 03 June. 00.35 06.55 7) ul306 00.35 06.55 7) ultra306 03 June.

It was UL402 on June 03.

UL303 Srilankan Airlines flight details

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Sri Lankan Airlines Flights: Information, Offers and Ratings

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