Private Jet nz

Personal jet nz

With JETBLAK you can be your specialized private air travel partner. Wide selection of aircraft, airports and heliports for private jet hire in New Zealand. Rent luxurious private jets and VIP empty range flights to fly from Auckland, New Zealand, with AKL, AMZ, HLZ and all local airports. Private Jet Charter airline of New Zealand. Interested in chartering a private jet?

New Zealand and Australia private and company jet charter. Rent luxury or executive aircraft.

With JETBLAK you can be your specialized private flight companion. No matter whether you have commercial charters or want to organize the ultimative deluxe trip, JETBLAK will provide you with a route. Whether it's to facilitate transportation needs in major port destinations or to take you to remote inland railways, JETBLAK takes you there with superior comforts.

All our tours are conducted in a way that is without compromise in terms of taste and confidentiality. We are proud that JETBLAK was introduced in New Zealand. As a result, we are able to draw on experience and share it with our customers that may not otherwise be available. At JETBLAK we understand what makes luxurious holidays so unique.

We develop tailor-made tailor-made systems that are exactly adapted to your needs. JETBLAK offers you a truly exceptional adventure with flights that range from ultra-long-haul planes to short-start/short-stop turbo-props. At JETBLAK we offer a discrete escort that will leave when you are prepared, not when the carrier requests it. Nutritional needs or accessibility to inaccessibilities are commonplace in the JETBLAK family.

Private aviation has many merits, but the true merits of private aviation are comfort and effectiveness; commercial necessities. At JETBLAK, we understand the importance of minimizing down-time for a company's overall profitability. At JETBLAK, we are committed to meeting the tailor-made needs of our clients. Our customers' only concerns are their businesses, with unique and agile routes, accessibility to distant places and complete tour packages.

The JETBLAK makes sure that your transport does not waste your valuable transport times. JETBLAK offers a fully functioning and fully private meeting room in the skies. At JETBLAK, we offer more than just airline ticketing to the most demanding travelers in the globe. LONGRANGE, our affiliate firm, has a wealth of experience in the Australasian and South Pacific tourist area.

LUONGRANGE has established partnerships with private chauffeurs, private cooks, tourist leaders, guide, security staff and many more. As a result, it is possible for LEONGRANGE to offer specialized trip packages for customers who want the best. LANGGRANGE knows that a singular adventure is created when the unforeseen can happen.

Customers can experience snow-capped peaks, rippling trout-filled brooks and remote areas that are the gateway to adventures, while at the same time using inner-city helicopter pads to make accessing city centres a no-brainer. Experience the comfort of fast and efficient transportation directly from a JETBLAK rental.

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