Chartered Secretary course Details

Secretary Chartered Course Details

Qualification system for Chartered Secretaryaries (CSQS). In these Listing Rules, the tasks of the Board Secretariat are discussed in detail. Details of CS Course - Fee, Authorization, Duration, Job & Salary

Find out about the CS course approach - fee, eligibility, duration, job and salary. We have compiled here the full information about the CS course fee, eligibility for CS courses, Cs job offers and the CS course salary. The secretary of the corporation is an executive officer in a privately held enterprise or a publicly owned enterprise.

CS can be divided into three categories for certification according to CS Foundation, CS Executive and CS Special Programme. Please also see the following concept for more information on the course details. Details of the CA Foundation course - enrollment, eligibility, fee, curriculum. ICSI (Institute of Company Secretary of India) is a legal trade organisation in India with the aim to promote, regulate and develop the trade of Company Secretary in India.

1960 the Company Law Committee began with a course in Corporate Secretariat which led to the conferral of the State Diploma in Corporate Secretariat. When the number of college graduates in the course increased to become business secretaries, the government supported the Institute of Company Secretary of India on October 4, 1968. There are three types of course, in which the exam is taken, which are run by the ICSI Council and the registration sheet is available throughout the year on the ICSI website.

Undergraduates must enrol with ICSI to obtain information about the admission test, etc. NOTE: The Foundation course examination takes place each year in December and June. Applicants must apply to ICSI 9 month prior to the examination.

Foundation exam should be qualifying within 3 years of the date of approval. Start-up program: Eligibility for the CS Foundation Program is one that should be approved in (10+2) or equivalent. The executive program: Eligibility to participate in the CS Executive can only be sought after the Foundation program or a degree with any specialization background has been approved.

A professional program: Entitlement to the CS Professional Program can only be continued after the Executive Program of the CS course has been approved. CS course fee structure as described below. Start-up program: The executive program: A professional program: Start-up program: CS Foundation program lasts 8 month. Completion of the course should take place within the three-year deadline from the date of accreditation.

The executive program: CS Executive courses last 9 weeks. A professional program: CS Professional courses last 10 moths. Below are the syllabus for the CS Foundation and the CS Executive Course, which is conducted in exams. One Fresher per monthly can start earning salaries can be anywhere between 28,000 and 40,000.

Hopefully this paper will give you the full information about the CS course details approach - fee, eligibility, duration, job & salary. Feel free to browse our website or sign up to receive the latest information on course details.

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