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The Thorn Tree - RTW Tarpaulin Tickets Ratings @gardyloo, we actually are selling RTW tickets on this page, but if you look at one of the current press releases, you will see that this is an accurate evaluation of our results when buying RTW tickets. I' ve spend most of the last two month exploring RTW flight tickets, so I'm very well informed about this topic. I have not tried in any way to influence travellers to buy the tickets we are selling on this site. Indeed, it's not even number 1, and if you look at this review, you'll find that I've been honest ly evaluating the negative of this particular issue, as I've done with the other 7 businesses I've checked.

Personally, I was also amazed that the DCY was in many cases the least costly and even if it wasn't, it was highly competetive. Legend has always been that the price of DYY was higher, which was the only fall compared to conventional RTW tickets. Remember, however, that this happened only after the search for three different itineraries, and as you all know, there are an endless number of itineraries you can take around the globe.

Our plans are to carry out this once a month, so we will continue to develop and purchase new route projects. Much more information will be available as this is just the beginning. All we wanted to do was publish our results first, and then we'll publish the specifics of all the available choices, because I know that the rule and regulation for many of these tickets is the most bewildering trend.

Learning: Stay away from airlines' alliance when you book round-the-world tours.

When you thought that reserving a flight on-line can be a shattering affair, think only of the rigour of safeguarding round-the-world tickets. BootsnAll has just finished a research on the different ways of purchasing RTW tickets and one of the most important things to do is not use the big airlines if you want to get a dollar, lbs or euros saved.

"Getting a quotation and making a reservation with SkyTeam is the most challenging and time-consuming of all options," the Around the World Airfare Airport reports. It says that it is almost impractical to find an account manager for an Allianz or member company to clarify the RTW flight regulations, which are "complicated and sometimes contradictory", and proposes to use a tour operator instead of talking directly to the Allianz or member company.

Indeed,'all three RTW ticket alliance companies with nine frequencies and cross-country routes could not quote prices for this leg from one of the three [departure] towns we were looking for', the survey states. BootsnAll has been testing RTW tickets in three variants - Simple Routes (four stations at key airlines hubs), More Complex Routes (nine departures plus one land component) and Extrem Complex Routes (13 departures plus one land component).

All or some of the available choices such as Do It Yourself (the survey used kayak meta-search for this type), STA Travel, AirTreks, Round the World Flights, Round About Travel, Flight Centre, Sky Team Alliance, OneWorld Alliance and Star Alliance were investigated. Of the four stations on the Simple Routes starting from New York City or London, the survey found that kayaking was the cheapest option for purchasing one-way, point-to-point tickets - New York-London-Delhi-Bangkok-New York (kayaking $1,678) and London-Delhi-Bangkok-New York-London (kayaking $1,743).

The Star Alliance, on the other hand, was the most pricey for the New York start at 4,968 US dollars, and the Sky Team the most pricey for the London departures at 4569 US dollars. The STA Travel offered the cheapest fare ($5,200) for departures from New York City on complex RTW (New York-London Highlands Rome-Bombay Highlands Varanasi-Bangkok Highlands Saigon-Perth-Sydney-Easter Island-Santiago Highlands Lima-Bogota-New York) itineraries. Star Alliance was the most expensive one ( $9,100).

Departure from London, Round the World Flights generated the lowest airfare ($5049) and STA Travel the most costly ($6,253), although all three airlines could not answer the requests. Departure from Sydney, Round About Travel delivered the most economical ticket ($6,090), while kayaking was the most costly ($6,516), although all three alliance, STA Travel and Flight Centre do not offer tariffs or react to requests, the survey says.

STA Travel offered the best rates from New York City ($5,660) and Sydney ($5,167) for extremely complex routes (18 stages, 13 departures and five intercity components), while kayaking was the best ($4,938) from London. Sydney' s Round About Travel ($6,600), London' Round the World flagship ($6,854), New York' Kayak ($6,600) and Sydney' Round the World flagship ($6,854) were the most costly suppliers (only three could even offer an option from any point).

Extremely complex routes include New York-Mexico City-overland-San Jose Lima-overland-Buenos Aires-Cape Town-overland-Johannesburg-Nairobi-Mumbai-overland-Delhi-Bangkok-overland-Singapore-Perth-Melbourne-overland-Sydney-Auckland-Fiji-Cook Islands-New York. In addition to price, the AirTreks survey chose AirTreks as the premier travel planner while the Australian Flight Centre did not react to enquiries, the survey says. Meanwhile, Round the World Flights argued over some of the results that kayaking described as a less expensive alternative than itself and conducted their own testing with different results.

BootsnAll notes that the three large airlines alliances either provided the most costly RTW choices or were unable to manage them, but BootsnAll still suggests using a tour operator if you want to take advantage of the best opportunity. And indeed, when you book complicated trips, the New York Times asks: "Is the best search engine around the corner?

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