Best small Private Planes

The best small private planes

With a good pilot, almost any plane can fly safely. Private pilot Paul Mulwitz, amateur aircraft builder, owner and test pilot. Even smaller aircraft feel the pressure. View more ideas about aircraft propellers, private jets and private flights.

Which is the most secure self-controlled small aircraft?

l like the Cirrus. It has a great deal of powerful air, it has advanced electronics and a glas cabin, and the built-in canopy ( salvage slide ) is a great security keep. Switch off the motor, draw the shaft, drill to the ground securely....................................................... Speak to the folks who are selling the planes, and they will give you many instances where someone dragged the slide and therefore live.

Can' buy no Cirrus. I have a small Grumman Tiger aircraft and I am parked at the airfield between two sparkling Cirrus planes. Well, I think my flight is safe because I keep going all the while. First and foremost, the security of an aircraft is in the pilots' own hands. What is more, the aircraft is safe. With a good flight attendant, almost any airplane can be flown safe.

A poor flier is insecure in any aircraft, insecure at any airspeed. Security is relatively new. When you fly in a sufficiently secure aircraft, does it buy you a fortune to pay for additional security functions? Depending on how much cash you have, how much you think your living's worth. No?

Exactly the same number of places as a Cirrus. Maybe my airplane is $60,000 or so. The New Cirrus is $850,000. It makes me feeling secure because I am flying several flights a day, I have over 1600hrs. Just get into a new Cirrus a few days a months and wait for the tech to rescue you?

Get a driver to take you flying. Combining a good pilots and a good aircraft is the surest thing to do.

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the best we can have. Aeroplanes with propellers are the most economic option for traveling in the medium to long term. Offering 300 knot cruise speed averages and non-stop distances of about 1,500 mph, prop airplanes can fly further and quicker than non-jet airplanes while being deployed in and from smaller orifices.

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