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The Isola Tiberina is a small Roman islet situated in the Tiber. Isola Tiberina organizes the Isola del Cinema Filmfestival in May. All year round the archipelago is an ideal place to find a beautiful coffee shop and enjoy the Tiber River. Pantheon was erected in 126 AD and still stands today.

This is a Roman sanctuary for the gods, and is the best conserved to this date. Colosseum was erected from 70-80 A.D. and is now situated in the center of Rome. Vatican City's Vatican Museums house one of the most stunning Renaissance collection of works of art anywhere in the globe.

The Roof Garden restaurant is situated in the centre of Rome with a magnificent panoramic position overlooking the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. Also known for its stunning cuisine, it specializes in a variety of daily changing seafood cuisine. Awarded the highest Michelin rating of three star, it is housed in the stylish Rome Cavalieri Hotel.

Since it can get extremely hot in the summers it is best to go to Rome in the springs when flowering trees and clear sky are a frequent sight. Good weather is also a good time to be there. The journey through Rome is very uncomplicated and uncomplicated.

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