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The Global Explorer is the more conventional, kilometre-long ticket from Oneworld. A Global Explorer fare gives you the flexibility to explore even more destinations around the globe with the ability to choose from additional airline partners. The Swiss Global Air Lines Ag offers amazing discounts when booking airline tickets.


Our service to airline companies and other fidelity programme providers includes a variety of important executive value added activities that determine the outcome of your programme. Among the most important that we can realize for you are programme (re)designs, benchmarks, proficiency measurements and frauds as well as employee coaches. Many-flyers and other reward programmes in the tourism sector are like a constantly evolving jungles that are hard to get through.

Each year we organize the annual Royalty & Awards event for airline loyalties and other tour operators. Everyone is talking about frequent flyer programs (FFP) - but there are a few things that even seasoned operators hardly know.

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The ICS Travel Group has set up its own GTT on-line reservation platform. Agent are granted preferential conditions .... January 1, 2017 GTT cooperates with Travelport for a new and enhanced hotel system! Now GTT agencies have gained full use of a greatly enhanced hotel reservation system..... Mozio is going to give GTT agent a 8% rebate - the best deals around.....

Hello and welcome to our team! - Quick & easy online reservations! - Discount prices & commissions for flights, hotels, cruises, tours & insurance! At Qatar Airways, we have established specialized passenger transportation to and from the U.S.....

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What is the reason for taking out an airline insurance policy? Your 2-day trip organiser files for insolvency? Did you ever notice that some guys at the airports look perfect unshaken, even when the mess is unfolding around them? You, too, can be one of these sophisticated leaflets with these air trip hints to pack your pockets, sail through safety and deal with air delay.

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As a result of these marketing opportunities, we can offer our business associates the possibility of benefiting from significant additional sources of revenues. At the same time we reduce the complexities of your global marketing processes and increase your turnover. Your global niche markets are looked after by us. You' ll profit from all of this by enabling us to easily link your carrier, train or shuttles to our global agency ecosystem of more than 100,000 agents.

Fill in all your global marketing holes for carriers included in at least one GDS, extend your global coverage and generate additional revenues at the same time. The HR-169 offers marketing in a market where an air carrier does not participate in BSP/ARC or does not do so. With 100% secure HR-169 ticket sale, it also provides agency coverage on an airline's BSP/ARC that does not have ticket entitlement from an air carrier.

In addition, supplementary modes of paying are acceptable in those situations where an air company has restricted possibilities for making and receiving cash. It is also possible to gain direct contact with tour operators and online travel agencies. Provides an easy and cost-effective way for carriers without their own e-ticket databases to ticket. An HR-169 plus contract covers all the benefits of the HR-169 contract and opens your air company for ticket sales by enhancing your air company to a ticketable one.

You' ll get sale and turnover reporting while maintaining full ticket management while maintaining your default processes for all other distribution channel. In addition to carriers under the two-digit 5W codes, 5W-Rail&Shuttle enables railway and shuttles to provide their own service in the most important ADSs. The HR-EMD allows you to resell your EMDs in a market where you do not participate or do not have a GNP.

Allows your carrier to offer ancillary services for sale and generate additional income. To find out more about HR groups, please send an e-mail to Access more than 100,000 agents in over 190 stores. Each HR-169 ticket purchased is backed by a 100% sales assurance warranty. Each HR-169 ticket purchased is backed by a 100% sales assurance warranty.

Because of our size, we are able to continually reinvest in providing high value services to the global agency industry.

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