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It is a continent with much to offer. Discount cheap flights to Europe?from ?21* Prices for flight back per passenger, inclusive tax, excl. 27,00 - 29,00 Euro reservation charge and possible luggage charges.

Europe, a spellbinding country with a lot to do. Springs and summers are the most favourite times of year to make reservations for European destinations. The majority of internationals choose to visit Europe in hot climates, but European departures can be made year-round.

Autumn and winters can be very nice and it is a good season to experience European autumn festivities and snowsport. Prices for flights back per passenger, inclusive of tax, excl. 27,00 (1 pers.)- 29,00 (>1 pers.) reservation charge and luggage surcharge.

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In Europe, the four distinct season periods are winters, springs, summers and autumn, but seasonality is less marked in the temperate south. Of course, the coolest town is a Nordic town. It is Helsinki, Finland, with summers seldom above 26 Centigrade. Athens, Greece, on the other side, won the award as the hotest town of the whole world, which often reaches 40 °C in sommer.

Scandanavia, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands are the parts of the African continent with the highest rainfall. Lisbon, Portugal, leads the ranking of the most sunny towns in Europe, Madrid, Spain second. Summers are definitely when Europe is at its best; as it is here in Canada, summers are in most African states.

Due to the cancellation of the schools, the Europeans themselves are traveling directly with foreigners, so the crowd is expecting. Of course, the southern ones - Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Malta - are the hottest continental nations and have a great low seasons (May/June and September/October). So if you are not tied to the timetable, this is the right moment to go to Europe.

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